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iBasso DX120 review

Look at all those pretty offerings below crammed into the DX120


Coax, spdif cable, cable for balanced port burn in and USB-C/A cable for charging.

The DX120 comes with a pliable plastic case.

Specifications and general information

iBasso DX120 user interface

Not much to write about here: The pictures tell the story mostly.

iBasso DX120 UI Video

iBasso DX120 Manual

iBasso DX120 and iBasso SR1 headphones

The iBasso DX120, like the DX150 and DX200 has oodles of power to spare.


iBasso DX120 and iBasso IT04 impressions

"Moving down but not out! IT04 with the DX120. Slow roll off filter, Reference setting. Low gain.

The DX120 while a beautiful looking dap and a generous performance to match of course lacks the overall resolution of the DX200.

I tried a few different settings on the Dx120 to try to find the most complementary mix between the digital filters and Sound modes but there being so many configurations I had to in the end just pick two and get on with it. But rest assured between the two modes one can have a decent amount of control over the signature of the earphones albeit in a subtle way.

The DX120 is perhaps the frill free younger sibling of the DX150.

Throwing muses `Downtown` was natural and realistic, PJ Harvey `50ft Queenie` needed a bit more air in it.

Switch to high gain.

The IT04 sucks up the extra power and seems to enjoy it, more solid edges to the music, clarity and brings up the over all performance that an increase in volume on low gain could not achieve.

In summary the IT04 with the DX120 the satisfaction seems to differ from track to track, I think the iBasso IT04 needs a dap to match its price point or above.

Back to the DX200 to complete the circle and the IT04 certainly shines with detail and extension, though I do enjoy the smooth pairing of the DX150."

Size comparisons

iBasso DX200, DX120 and DX150.

After market case by MITER

Miter sent Head pie a case for the iBasso DX120 to check out.

Sound & stuff

Well one can ramble on endlessly about the merits and deficits of daps.
 It is certainly much easier than in times gone past when there were peddled daps of all sorts of features and sound signatures.
Now days they are divided by the many features available to the consumer, and one has to be realistic with oneself and ask `what do I really need?`

For many people a simple player is enough, like the DX120. But one that has great resolution.

What can one write about the iBasso DX120 that I have not already listed above in my many photos and lists of specifications and features.

The iBasso DX120 is a straight player with a fairly neutral signature player whose sound can be slightly and subtly altered by the use of the Digital Filters when combined with the Sound mode.
Or even boosting the high gain or using the equalizer.

It does not reach the resolving heights of the flagship the DX200 nor does it fall terribly far behind.
One could even describe it in a pinch as a stripped down DX150 minus wifi, bluetooth, streaming etc.

There is a place for such daps and many consumers like myself prefer to have digital files of their music rather than relying on streaming services - the music is there, ready to go.

Its a solid well made robust dap, feels good in ones hand.

Its a beautiful creation and the sound quality and resolution is satisfying.

You probably have acquainted yourself with its many features already but lets take another look at the more visible parts via the graphic I made and which heads this piece.

Just about everything the streamlined audiophile needs whilst out and about on the town.

The iBasso DX120 also makes an excellent source


The iBasso DX120 is a solid, easy to use player. Load up your music and go.

The User Interface is simple.

Nice easy to use physical side buttons.

Two Micro SD card slots.

It has a variety of inputs and outputs to satisfy most needs.

Price is excellent as it could by sound alone fit into the $500 bracket.

Simply enjoy the music.

More from iBasso.....

Thank you to iBasso for sending Head pie the iBasso DX120 for review

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