Dita - Project 71 aka Bumblebee

I tried Ditas latest offering, Project 71 at the October Fujiya Avic Show in Tokyo.

I have kept abreast of Ditas releases from the earliest days when Danny of Dita got a few of us Head Fi’ers at an earlier show to try a prototype that had been working on which ended up being the Dita- Truth.

How time passes by.

From my quick listen at the show I found the Project 71 (affectionatly nick named the ‘Bumblebee’ by early fans’) to be a deviation from the earlier reference style earphones to one that is more warm and musical.

The Project 71 is clear, transparent and neutral. 
Strong, full and fast bass.
It does not have an extended treble.
Smooth, rich, not overly dense mids
Recessed vocals, but not excessively.

Can seem even, flat and tame or
Bouncy and dynamic with some tracks.

The female vocals are gorgeous.

The upper bass and lower mids linger deliciously with a wood signature, build and style.


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