Simgot EM3 impressions

The Simgot EM3 like the EM2 is a breath of fresh air as far as Hybrid IEMs go.

A nice small shell which would suit all ears,
very comfortable fit and a good choice of tips.
- i preferred the II set.

The EM3 whilst having a near u shape typical of hybrids veers more towards a w signature with a tad touch of neutral.

The sound can be quite different or finding a decent match of genres at times was difficult.
Sometimes it paired well with female vocals others with male.
- when i completed my basic write up i read a few other reviews that generally concurred     with mixed results.
Its not an all rounder - nor it is a smoother over earphone.

Low end, upper end, slight mids are all yes.
A little more upper mid range and mid bass perhaps, the treble is well done and not focussed on over extension whilst retaining detailing. Not a warm earphone for sure.

I would recommend reading a few reviews to get a better picture of this earphone. 

I did enjoy the EM2 - but its all a matter of personal taste in the end.

Simgot has done well with the earlier EN series of Bass and Pro and continue to develop and expand their range.


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