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Magaosi K3 HD Review: The Capable Hybrid

I am a simple person that is after a few goals. There is one goal in particular that makes my heart race. The Ultimate Sound in Portable Audio. I will keep hunting for it. It seems like an endless goal. Although that's the fun of it. The journey.
Penon Audio and Head Pie gave me a chance to review the K3 HD. Thanks to the both of you.

Build Quality:
Not worried about this at all. These IEMs are very durable. The shell is made out of metal. It has a neat capital A that looks like a Radio Tower on both shells. The nozzle is angled pretty well. There are two cables. The normal Gun Metal Black Cable and the High Quality Silver Cable. I like the Gun Metal Cable. It looks very stylish. The Silver Cable looks even better. The problem is that the Silver Cable has a memory cable issue. It tends to curl up after properly wrapping it up a few times. Not a good thing at all. I hope that gets fixed if Magaosi is planning to do a revision or a Flagship Model.

Leather Clam Case
MMCX cable (L-shaped plug)
MMCX silver-plated upgrade cable (straight plug)
Tuning Filters (Silver and Gunmetal)
Silicone Eartips (S/M/L)
Foam Eartips (S/M/L)


IBasso DX150
Tracks Used:
Stratovarius – Abyss (FLAC 16/44) (UPPER MIDS/TREBLE)
Stratovarius -  Dreamscape (FLAC 16/44) (UPPER MIDS/TREBLE)
Radical Face – Secrets (Cellar Door) (FLAC 24/96) (MIDS)
Razihel & Aero Chord – Titans (MP3 320 KBPS 44.1 KHZ) (BASS & LOWER TREBLE)

Sound Quality:

BASS: After careful listen. I’ve noticed that the K3 HD has more bass presence and slower decay with the Silver Filters than the Gunmetal Filters. The Gunmetal Filters have more agile bass. Wasting almost no time transitioning to other bass tones. This resulted in a less present bass for the Gunmetal Filters. There is however more bass impact with the Gunmetal Filters. Probably due to the lower sub bass and heightened mid bass. As a result. The bass impact sounds more hammer like with the Gunmetal Filters and more cushioned impact with the Silver Filters.

MIDS: Now because of the varied effects of filters. The mids take on a rather semi typical approach on their response of the implications of the bass from both filters. The Silver filters have less present mids. Basically recessed. The vocals take a bit of a beating with the detail rendering. Not so much the lower mids. So this is a saving grace for the male vocals. Although the female vocals sound a bit washed out. Yet still very present. It won’t sound terrible. It just won’t satisfy critical listeners. The Gunmetal filters on the other hand is far better at presenting vocal reproduction. It’s still not quite there for critical listeners. Although it will still be impressive for those that wish to hear more forward vocals. While there isn’t a lot of micro detail. It’s still more superior to the Silver filter. Very adequate for picking out macro detail.

TREBLE: The enhancement of the upper midrange is making the lower mids a bit too hot. Almost sizzling. There’s a lack of control here on both filters. Yet even more so on the Gunmetal Filter. The Gunmetal filter makes it a bit hard to listen to treble centric songs for extended periods of time. The Silver filters have a more bearable treble response. Which makes it more suitable for long listening sessions. Best thing to do for the Gunmetal filter is to use eartips that enriches the frequency. Basically eartips that introduces more bass and smooths out mids. Foam tips and SpinFits will do the trick. Also make sure that the volume on your source is adequate. Otherwise it can get a little painful.

SOUNDSTAGE/CHARACTERISTICS: Overall pretty well rounded. There’s good imaging with both filters. Although the Gunmetal Filters do better with overall imaging, dynamics and sense of space. While the Gunmetal Filters are better with a more accurate Soundstage. The Silver filters have a relatively better sense of naturalness. Mostly due to the warmer atmosphere of the soundscape. It’s not extremely natural. Although it doesn’t sound nearly as bright and tactile as the Gunmetal Filters.
Conclusion: For an IEM for around $100 to $125 dollars. I found the K3 HD to be a rather nice approach into the world of IEMs in the midranged price bracket. It’s great for interchangeable sound. Has great comfort. Although that comfort and Capable Sound comes at a price. Which is the hot treble from the Gunmetal Filters. As I said before. It can be remedied easily with Foam Eartips. If you don’t mind interchangeable sound/filters and slightly hot treble and you need tough IEMs with great and capable sound. Then this is your perfect match. Otherwise if you don’t want to spend $110 and you are sensitive to enhanced treble. Then you may need to look elsewhere.

COST: 110 USDs



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