Hidizs AP80 unboxing and KS preview


The Hidizs AP80 is the latest in a series of products from this company. Largely through Kickstarter campaigns and the like they have a history of delivering their products as a bit of short research will prove. Although all this is true I do have a reluctance in trumpeting any crowd funding products as they usually have yet to be produced and anything can happen -timeline wise or after the fact.
Fortunately Hidizs has a good track record on completing the fufilling of orders side of things so my anxiety is somewhat abated, although there are various conflicting reports of performance and   requests for firmware updates for some of their daps.

I am mad keen for all these tiny daps.

The Hidizs AP80 is the latest in a flurry of smaller daps with touch screens and lots of functions under the hood and are proving quite popular with budding audiophiles and grizzled veterans alike.

The UI is quite responsive (even though in the video I misplaced my finger a few times, holding an ipod touch in one hand and using the AP80 with the other - my bad).

AP200 ran on Android, AP80 runs on Hiby 3.0 Linux version. I found it fairly snappy.

The Hidizs at a quick look is an easy to use dap, the learning curve of the UI is quite fast, the UI its fairly responsive for me.
The sound tends toward the neutral and quite properly leaves it to ones earphones to the do the work.
The floor noise is low, with close approaching a black ground.
Build is solid and lightweight.
Certainly neutral, but natural with it with a hint of energy and richness that gives it some life beyond the standard neutral/analytical.

Its early days for my testing the various functions, but so far so good. I enjoyed listening to the AP80 today as I took photos. I
 look forward to exploring this dap some more and giving a further update in the near future.

The Hidizs AP80 Kickstarter will begin on August 22nd.

Full detailed list of specifications on the Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/873263862/76712859?ref=537819&token=867671d7

My bad on this. There are ten EQ bands if you swipe left.

Thank you to Hidizs for sending head pie and early unit of the Hidizs AP80 for review.


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