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The Headphone Vac Jr review is coming soon on Head pie

FiR Audio Interview
-With Bogdan.

HP: First of all tell us a little about yourself and the company, present and historical.

FiR Audio: I have spent a lot of time in the music industry. I started touring and playing on stages as a drummer with my band starting back in 2005. More recently though, I've been completely absorbed into the equipment, production, and business side of things. I was the CEO of 64 Audio, which is a great company that my family built through the years. 64 specializes in custom IEMs for musicians and audiophiles and I'm still totally interested in this type of consumer - the kind of people who use their in-ears every day for work and pleasure. These are customers who often have really specific needs because of the nature of in-ear monitors in general, so that’s where FiR Audio comes in. Early in 2018 I founded FiR Audio along with a very remarkable team of individuals who are incredible at what they do. And I'm working alongside my younger brother Alexander which is great. We've continued to keep the tradition of the family business. Everyone at FiR has roots that run deep in the industry. I'm really excited about this company.

Understanding a customers needs is the most important aspect that we focus on when designing our products. Our most recent release “The Cable Tester” is a great example of that. It’s the only IEM cable tester on the market that accepts all types of connectors and even tests for shorts.

HP:Please tell us about your current product line up.

FiR Audio: Our current product lineup consists of two headphone vacuum cleaners (The Headphone Vac, and a more compact The Headphone Vac Jr.), an IEM cable tester, and our custom made IEM cables. It’s an interesting collection of products because we offer everything you won’t get with your IEMs, but which you might really need. Also, these products are offered at a price point that I have never seen anywhere else.

The Headphone Vac Jr unboxing and review coming soon on Head pie

The Headphone Vac Jr. is the IEM vacuum tool with the best value on the market. The Headphone Vac Jr. is everything that is amazing about The Headphone Vac, but in a smaller size which is perfect for maintaining your personal sets of IEMs. You can quickly and easily remove earwax and keep your ears sounding perfect in any environment from backstage to your home.

FiR cable review coming soon on Head pie

IEMs usually come with inadequate generic cables which keep audio signals from being truly reproduced by your sensitive earpieces. You can get even better sound from your high end ears just by replacing the cable with one that is up to the task at hand. Our FIR Cable is a fully customizable premium IEM cable which you can order in your choice of color, connector style, and in any length you specify. Also, the Fir Cable can be customized with several different wire types. Look through the different wire types we offer to find the perfect fit for your needs, then select your custom options using the custom cable designer on our website.

The Cable Tester is the only IEM cable tester that can test for all possible cable-related problems. No matter what brand of IEMs or cable you own, The Cable Tester is designed to work universally. Using the device's channel selector to sweep between ground and positive allows you to not only check for continuity in the wire, but also for shorts. If you are experiencing issues with your IEM cable you need to know exactly what the problem is. Also, testing your IEM cables will ensure that you know that whatever problem you have lies in the cable and not the earpieces. This knowledge can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

HP: Can you go into detail and tell us about how the Headphone Vacs came to be.

FiR Audio: One of the biggest IEM killers is wax and lack of maintenance inside the sound bores. There are some products out there which are intended for use on hearing aids, and I popularized the use of these products in 2016 while I was at 64 Audio. But I realized that there were a lot of limitations in the hearing aid tool adaptation like lack of tip selection and low suction power. These are especially problems for heavy users and engineers who maintain multiple sets of IEM’s for the whole band and also dancers in many cases. So I started designing a Vac from the ground up specifically for IEMs. A lot of thought went into these products to make them the way they are today. So far they have been very well received wherever we've shown them. Our vacs have even garnered endorsements from engineers such as Juan Gomez of Florida Georgia Line and others.

HP: Fir Audio recently started a custom cable service, please tell us about that.

FiR Audio: There are a lot of cable companies out on the market which make cables in all price ranges.  But when it comes to custom IEMs, the cables usually aren't customizable. IEM designers have become more common and almost every company uses one on their website to let customers design their in-ears. One thing no one has done is allowed customization of the cable itself. We never could understand what was stopping such a simple feature from being available. We now have our very own custom cable designer so you can select any available custom option that you want, and see it displayed visually on your screen before you order. We have a few different base wire types, and many custom offerings for termination types, colors, etc. Our current cable offerings are also a great value at their price points. The future of these cables is actually more broad, so stay tuned.

HP: Tell us a little about any future plans for your company and any up and coming products and/or projects.

FA: Fir Audio has a very bright future ahead, I feel very certain of that. We have just launched our IEM cable tester and have another industry first product to watch out for by the end of 2018. We are currently working hard on a new diagnostic tool for IEMs. This will be a tool which works on mobile devices like iPhone and iPad, and which lets users capture a frequency profile of their individual earpieces. Think of it like the OBD diagnostics testing equipment that only car mechanics used to have. This tool will allow people to get a clear picture how your IEMs are behaving. We're excited to release this, and It may even upset some manufacturers but we believe in progress, and always moving forward.

HP: Anything else you’d like to add?

FiR Audio: I am very honored for the opportunity to be able to contribute to your organization and I hope to be back with you soon.

HP: Thank you for your time.


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