Sixth Element products

Sixth Element produces a wide range of products and sent some to me.

Whilst in the doubting Thomases skeptics camp I have been slowly testing the many products that I have been sent.

Usually I take a series of unboxing photos but in this case I thought it would be easier to use stock photos to show the various intended uses of the many products.

I make no claims as to whether these products work to enhance audio gear. I will in time put them through a series of controlled tests and share my findings.

As you can see the box was full of many curious items.

Some will no doubt say ‘Snake oil’ promoter Head pie! Please do remember our hashtag #headpiesucks and visit our instagram for confirmation.

Regardless of the various factions Head pie will see this through to the bitter end - for science and a Brave new world!

Lets explore, If not for science at least for fun.
Rest assured I will test the audio aimed products properly under controlled conditions.

The items that arrived are listed above for your reference.  Some such as the balls, stickers and pads were multiple.

As mentioned instead of my usual unboxing I have used the companies (Sixth Element) promotional materials as they demonstrate the intended usage easiest.

You can match some of the items listed with the pictures to see their puported uses.

These types of items are popular lately in the Asian audiophile scene - so lets check them out I thought.

Other products that were sent were negative ion necklaces and bracelets which are popular in Japan also - I often see people wearing them.

I have been trying the necklace as my first experiment and it seems to keep me more calm and generally peaceful. I was rather surprised. Maybe living in Tokyo I am more in need of them. Due to the absence of waterfalls and other naturally occuring negative ion spots.

Whether the bracelet helps my son I dont know. He does think it makes him look cool. And whilst the blurb about crop circles on the back of the box may attract or  repel some people, I am happy he is happy.

Some pictures of current non controlled experiments

As you can see I have been using them but as of now due to my review queue of other products full controlled testing has not begun.

I will probably use two ipod touch 6Gs, one without any Sixth Element products and one with many of the Sixth Element products, using a headphone switcher box and various earphones.

For the home system its a bit harder as I only have one. And putting things on and off may not be controlled enough.

Anyway I will do my best for my readers.

Keeping an open mind, approaching it objectively knowing the subjective will step and try to blur things.

Lets enjoy the journey.

As King Rudi always says ‘enjoy this hobby’ and ‘try for yourself’.

So I have this opportunity to experiment with these products and will report back in due course.

As they the meantime...
...Enjoy the music!


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