FiiO M7 unboxing

Full details and specs here:

The case and data transfer/charging cable (USB- A to C)

User guide and warranty etc

Volume wheel
And Previous track, play/pause, next track buttons

On/off and Headphone out/line out

USB C charge and data transfer port

Micro SD card slot.

Volume scroll wheel and Previous track, play/pause, next track buttons

FiiO M7 and FiiO X7ii

Nice clear case for protection

Menu instructions


FiiO M7 Main player screen and Campfire Audio Polaris

The FiiO M7 in its case

More menus and user interface

Theme choice between Deep black or Simplicity white


  1. It bears no resemblance to the AK120ii. None!

    1. If it’s sound quality bears a resemblance too, at 20% the price, I won’t moan.