ALO Audio SXC-8 mod. Like a surgeon...

...cuttin for the very first time...

Precision mod with shakey fingers and a beating heart.

First time removing a memory wire.

Wth!? Why.

The ALO Audio SXC-8 cable is quite weighty and I will my lovely pixie ears found it pull out the earphones, or I could not get the memory wire to curl around my upper ear properly and comfortably.

So I did an audio sacrifice.

I usually slice a bit along the top of the memory wire. There is less chance of cutting the cable then.
Pull away the metal from the plastic and cable, then pull it out from the mmcx (no cutting)

Then trim the plastic outer

Alex (Twister6) says:
“Just to add my comments to your article where you quoted Lookout57 instructions, to remove the memory wire you need patience and I suggest NOT using a knife or a blade cause you can cut the cable. Instead, find a very small flat screwdriver, like small enough for eyeglass repair and also use nail or wire clippers.

First, try to expose/separate the edge of the metal memory wire which is under the outer hear shrink (that's where I use a small flat screwdriver). Once you do that, pull on it (metal wire) toward the housing of mmcx connector and then clip it at the base. You can't pull the wire out, it has to be clipped. Then go back and remove the remaining layer of heat shrink plastic tube, starting by finding the edge, digging with a small screwdriver to cut it open, and pulling it down toward mmcx connector.

Take your time and don't rush.“

Head-fier Lookout57 gave instructions on Head-fi and that gave me confidence to try:

Reproduced here with permission from Lookout57:

I've found that it is very easy to remove the memory wire on the CA/ALO cables and improve the comfort. I've removed them from the Litz, Copper Litz, Ref8 and SXC. All you need is a very short pointed knife like an Xacto or razor knife and a pair of small tip angled cutters (what I have are for trimmingcomponent leads on PC boards).

This is how I've done it and take no responsibility if you follow these instructions and damage or destroy your cable.

To remove, take the knife and carefully stick it under the memorywire somewhere in the middle. Make sure you don't go too far in, justenough to get thru the other side without cutting the wires. Then turn the knife upwards so the knife edgeis next to the memory wire and slow draw the blade forward around a 1/2 inch. Once you have enough of thecover exposed you can start pulling the memory wire out. Once it is out you can pull the rest of the cover forthe memory wire off of the cable. Then once it's removed you use theangled cutters to cut the memorywire and cover off at the connectorend. Now you have a cable withouta memory wire.

Hopefully we can get Ken to start selling cables with or without the memory wires to give us flexibility to use with the original CA IEMs or the Comet and Atlas. But in the mean time you can try this.”

Thank you again.


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