Fujiya Avic Headphone show - 4/28/2018

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well heres lots of pictures and a few words.

I had more words but for some reason they all got deleted. So here I go again...grrr.

Good to see many familiar faces, Amos, Sean and some new ones such as Christian and Face...
& a few others whom we will see in the photos.

Hey Jude!

No Nathan spotted in the wild again.

Dickbuttus CEO, Inc.

Shanling M0 thats M oh, zero you hero. Just the perfect size for fitting within the palm of a hobbits hand as they make their way to land of Mordor, the eye of Sauron blazing into the splinter their minds eye.

Magical aural audiophile toaster of pigs in space.

Tubes, tubes and more tubes, Four of em. Everybody's favorite.

Three of the industry giants and favorite all rounders.

New gear from FiiO. Like breast plates on Draculas armor.

PAW touch. theres a good boy, who's a good boy? you are!

iFi xDSD


What is this?! The xCan? Yes, we can!

Details to follow soon.

Ooh supaah smexy

Mmm wake up and smell the coffee

Translucent ears of a Hidden God. Silvery bells that toll for thee.

Bohemian rhapsody. Heliocentrism.

Hiby Joe and Face blogger FACE giving me the heebie jeebies

The R3 is a little wonder. Some thing that I would take for a walk in to a forest and party with Ewoks decades before the death star imploded and laid waste their planet.

Audio Opus daps, some of the best around these days. A decent range.
Everyone a winner. Something for nearly every price range and sonic taste.

M oh, no as in oh no. But as in oh yes, thats a zero. 0.

Shanling, need a source dap. Shanling. M3S is also awesome as a standalone.

Lots of pretty colors to choose from. all the rainbow dash you can digest.

Acoustune, a tricky pickle rickster123 perennial favorite

Hifiman with no man. Nemo. 9:35am...early days. Dont fret.

Noble checking their Line messages and downing a few sandwiches before the vicious audiophiles are released at 11am.

Its the Final Countdown! da da da dah

I never listen to these colorful candied delights but always snap a picture.

Born in a tea shop, now traveling the world in style.


1 More. Tripled out in 2017 popularity contest. Now with some more for 2018.

Yeah, tried these wee beauties for while. Like spiderman on a heroic dose

Simgot and some new offerings as they enter fearlessly into no mans land during the Christmas ceasefire.

So clear like bathing in the waters of the dead sea scrolls, or deep cave diving with see through unknown creatures of the deep

Love these casket devoid creatures, forced to wander the wasteland for eternity.

Take a picture he said, Okie dokie!

JBL. I love the lil bluetooth speaker I bought for my bicycle. What? other reviewers cry out in horror!
Bought!?!! What is this word you speaketh of.

Yes we KANN,...stand all day without flinching. Stoic.

Colorful nubs and rubs. Dub dub. Sensaphonics

You will Comply he said as he pushed me to the ground. Just doing my job, Sir. Do not resist!
But I like JVC Spiral tips.
Pew pew

Grado classic styles

Thankfully a vaulted ceiling that released me from the claustrophobic smaller cells that had me hyperventilating earlier and reminded me of the time we got stuck in the garbage compacter.


The NW-ZX300 was smaller than I had imagined it to be. It would fit in the tiny hands of Tiny Tim.

The Two Towers. Book 2.

Like a medical clinic where they perfect penetrating your most precious aural cavities.

Strikes a Chord. Reminds me of the days when my family would ruthlessly slaughter (me) the youngest at a friendly game of MojoPoly.

Azlan, The Lion King within the wardrobe.

Dita, ever popular but with too few chairs I sadly could not approach the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Ever there, always clear. the full metal alchemist himself. Kazuhiro Oya.

Excellent material for saving, trimming and printing onto a pillow for your very own waifu.

Or travel to the land of the rising sun and find your own fender on a bender. Defender, ah classic video game. Dig dug was the real winner.

Gave myself a lobotomy with these a long while back, and thus Head pie was born.

Stacks of people waiting in line all day to listen to the new STAX,

A pocketful of posies, we all fall down.

Mysterious boxes of mechanical joy


Mellianus. the second half makes me giggle.

Meze!!!  Can`t go wrong with a set of Meze headphones.

Mr BigHeadfier himself. rather coy. Nyah nyah neko cat to you to!

The new Meze headphones. very lightweight and comfortable. A full and stunning sound.

I love this guys collection. It grows larger every show. Brand new, you're retro!

Some new up and coming earphones from 64 Audio

Campfire Audio can hardly put a foot wrong. Ken and his wonderful crew churning out new delights.

The show stoppers the Comet and the Atlas.

The Atlas, holding the Universe of blazing Comets and revolving planets upon his shoulders.

Daves not here mannn.

Oh, there he is. DAVE! You not going to shut me down are you? I`m sorry Dave. I`m afraid i can`t let you do that.

Love the lighting. Fade into me

I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so.

Fitear continue their fascination for the school girl.

I finally got a chance to hear the Hiby R6 with iFi iEMatch and was much impressed.
It retained that signature the CA Andromeda is known for.
fastest UI in the west.

Solder? Soldier! No solder.

Mr.Takuya Sugiyama with his magnificent box of tricks, long in the saddle and short in the girth.

Getting stickered up for protection against all sorts of possible audiophile unknowns.

FACe gets his game face on and gives the Opus range his personal thumbs up.

Tokyo, concrete, concrete as far as the eye can see.

AK SP1000 and a special limited edition idol model.

Safety first, protect against EMP!

Smiles for miles as service continues throughout the day

The Orpheus awaits.

The blue pill or the red pill, mOrpheus?

Totally Tubular bells!

Nakano, Tokyo. Spring time.

One two buckle my shoe. No lonely shame full times were spent in distant hotel rooms to secure these precious review items.
All was arranged beforehand. With a hand over and wink. Righty ho Guv`nor! Mums the word.

Reviews to follow.


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