Campfire Audio Comet - early impressions (updated)

At US$199 the CA Comet looks set to become a crowd favorite from a few similar findings and opinions of the sound so far as posted on Head-fi the last few days.

I posted:
I had a wee listen on the train on theway home last night.

I used the supplied tips at first, which as usual was a reasonable fit.But later changed them for my usual choice of JVC Spiral Dots.

I tried them hanging down and over ear. As one can see by the photos on the CA website they are a straight earphone so fit is dependent somewhat on ear anatomy.

I settled at first on hanging down,but later found comfort over my ears. At first try they were poking out a bit like the old triple fi 10. With a bit of rotation and time I found I could make them sit more flush than I had first thought.

Up or down will be decided I think on a case by case basis. But is good to have options.

As with any in ear fit the size of tips is important to getting the most outthem. As mentioned I had to change(as usual with most earphones) to the JVC Spiral tips to get a proper audition.

I concur with what others have written about the sound.
Once I had gotten the fit, angle and tips right they presented themselves well.

At the low price end of the CA line up, I had some doubts how far they could push the sound quality and keep coherency with their other earphones and also a faith based on their past products and The Comet is no exception.

They seem accurate to the recording, a decent amount of body to them (I was worried they might be thin).
They seem fairly even and balanced overall. (Which would make sense If they did lean towards a general one size fits all signature for their entry level- more listening/time will tell)
As for sound stage, imaging and general sound signature (L, V etc) I will have to listen more as I was primarily focussed on fit at first,then later listening.

More to come...”

Unboxing photos here:

I did enjoy a session today as I had the day off and listened to the Comet for a few hours with a variety of daps as I caught up on a few reviews and emails. Plus the usual various chatbox conversations.

I found them to be quite comfortable for the long period of time that I wore them (over ear).
I listened to tracks on shuffle and everything seemed pleasant and in its proper place from the discordant blasting of Discharge, to Mozart, Massive Attack, Lana Del Rey.... all sorts.

I look forward to the Comet revealing more of its capabilities.

Quite a surprise for such a small package.



I am surprised that I am dialing up the gain to high, it seems to need a bit of volume - or I am deaf.

Also my ear canal virginity has been well and truly broken as they need a decent insertion to fully perform.
Not to an uncomfortable point though, just till the right seal is achieved.

Listening in bed with the Opus#3 at the moment. Truly impressed with what these little monsters can do.

I really need to dial it back a bit and pair it with a few lower priced daps and my ipod touch as many who will choose to purchase the Comet will be pairing it with something in asimilar price range.
Also I will pair the Comet with higher end daps to see how they scale up.

And do a few comparisons with earphones at the same or thereabouts price point.

Maybe some cable swapping.

But thats all for the review grindstone....

Color me intrigued. Usually I justsave it for the review (Just post a few pics for the folks online) as then I have been through the variousstages of new toy, sounds good/ok, oh heres a few inconsistancies,problems, shortcomings, good points etc.....but the Comet already ticks many boxes for me.

Its late I am tempted to continue tolisten to music as these are quite apleasure to use, but I must continue my fifth or so time going through allthe seasons of Inpector Poirot.


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