Hidizs DH1000 early impressions

Some early impressions as I explore the Hidizs DH1000.

So lets discuss this beta model I have been sent by Hidizs.

I have done some minor testing and have it working with:
Shanling M3S
Opus#3. (Turn off both systems first, then on).
Fiio X7ii
Ipod touch 6G using flacplayer app by Dan Leehr (up to 16/44 with Venture craft 7N lightning cable).
Some luck with Echobox Explorer- needs more testing- UAPP.

No luck so far with DX200 or Opus#2 (not that they probably need it). It didnt work with Opus#1.

I dont have nor have heard the AP200.

The Hidizs DH1000 is stacked full of electronic goodies and looks excellent on paper.

It does sound great,
Around mid to upper mid fi levels.
Although getting some extra hours on the device might help.

I do need to test it against other devices. Daps and also dac/amps to find out where exactly it fits in. Whether its s true clean signal or colored by its source.
Volume matched against its rivals.

Whether filters and EQ operate,
Whether the daps volume is disabled on all devices etc.

Early days. But it is operational.

And the sound quality at my first look and listen is quite good.

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