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I wanted a Bluetooth speaker for my long bicycle commutes through mainly industrial and streets empty of people.

Previously I have made a speaker out of cardboard to slip my ipod touch 6G into to boost it a bit. It was ok.

Whilst out and about I made an impulse buy without too much trial and no research.
I ended up lucky.

The JBL Clip 2 is around US$60 - $70.

Size is just right for my purposes.

I did a quick and simple trial. Nothing fancy outside of my house.

Volume controlled mainlyby The JBL Clip 2.
The Opus#3 volume also works but not so noticeable.
High gain.
I used my physical body to block the BT signal.

10 feet - no blockage BT reach.

5 feet - if something in the way (my body in this case).

Big sound, quite surprisingly loud.
More mids and treble.

I didnt notice any effect with EQ.

Bluetooth seems cleaner than the 3.5mm.

Ipod touch 6G.

Volume controlled by ipod and/or JBL clip 2.

35 feet plus - no blockage

10-15 feet - blockage of BT

Good sound, volume limited by synced volume of ipod/clip 2.

Not as loud as Opus#3. Vocals are forward, mids and treble focussed, not as much fulkness and body as the Opus#3.

Using Flacplayer by Dan Leehr the EQ functioned. (I only tried the EQ on this app).


A bit more low end present.

More even sound.

Still mids and treble focussed.

Clear vocals.

It is an inexpensive bluetooth speaker. But functions very well.

Opus#3 was my favorite pairing of the three.

If you want more volume and details of course  go further up the scale and pay more.

For my purposes i am more than satisfied.

Out in the bike I had a decent volume and resolution without having to turn it up too much. More vocals, highs and mids than bass. But there is enough in the low end, i dont want to go beatboxing around the neighborhood.

Easy to walk around the house doing chores too.
Inside the house the sound is fuller as is dissipates a bit in the great outdoors.

Against a wall or hard surface there is a tad more body, and more bass. natural speaker for a speaker.

Specs from  www.jbl.com

Nice size too.

A big thanks to Me! for buying the JBL Clip 2 and giving it to myself for review.


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