iBasso IT01 at 200 hours update - Face

IT01 200-hour update
-Face Audio reviews

After some more burn in there were a few changes to the IT01 sound. 

The bass however remained powerful, full sub bass, and good texture on the mid bass. 
The bass did seem more controlled leading to the mids, the vocal range seemed to be more forward.

Testing the song 'Rehab' again, the vocals don’t risk being taken over anymore. 
Either way it’s a good development overall. 
The Treble on the other hand seemed to smoothen up a touch. 

Overall the sound is still similar but the mild U, due to the little bump in vocals, was given it more linearity which personally I preferred as I’m not a fan of very recessed mids. 

Still one of the best IEMs you can buy at the price. 


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