Cozoy REI with ipod touch 6G, Flacplayer app and Campfire Audio Vega IEM.

Cozoy REI review
A little wonder, a mini beast of a machine

*(image taken from official site)

Courtesy of ALO Audio. 
Thank you ALO Audio!


The iBasso DX200 is at 50 hours or so and is opening up nicely. Needs a few more hours for sure.

Loving it.


All the best my friend.


ALO 3.5mm mini to mini interconnect cable. I will use with ALO Audio Continental V5.

And Judge Dredd Vol.13


(Via Facebook).

DX200 with Campfire Audio Andromeda and ALO Reference 8 cable balanced out.

Filter 4 (default).

Mango player.

Burn in of approx 40 hours.

Using it in my commute, shuffle mode.

Early days,... loving the clarity and resolution.

More to come as I familiarize myself with it more.