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 TY Hi-Z HP-32S and Shozy Alien+

Colarad and TY Hi-Z earbuds review

Earbuds are seeing a resurgence in popularity of late. An influx of affordable (and even not so affordable) models feeding the craving fans their food for thought.

Today we will be looking at, listening to and gathering impressions of five models kindly sent to Head pie. The Colarad C01, TY Hi-Z HP-32ohm, TY Hi-Z HP-32S, HE 150 and later the TY Hi-Z 150S.

Thanks to Ty Hi-Z/Penon for sending these earbuds to Head pie for my honest opinion.
Head pie as always hasn't been paid any money for this review, but hey... all audio companies feel free to ask for my paypal address! #feedme #headpiesucks #neutralsite

The earbuds were sent to Head pie May 9th, 2017.


Headphone switcher box, ALO Audio mini to mini cables, Opus #1, #3 and #2 Daps and of course the Colarad C01, TY Hi-Z HP-32ohm, TY Hi-Z HP-32S and the HE150ohm earbud.

I did a few volume matched tracks with a series of different daps and then later used only one dap at a time whilst shuffling through tracks to get an over all sense of the differences, limitations and strengths of these earbuds.

Colarad C01 32ohm earbuds

The Colarad comes in a simple wee cardboard box.


The Colarad C01 is a clear and sweet sounding earbud. 
Vocals, clarity and clear highs characterize this earbud.
Whilst the specs look quite similar to the 32S model they are in fact quite different creatures.
The 32S being more punchy, dynamic and full bodied, whilst the Colarad C01 has a more refined sound.
Greater separation and a larger sound stage being the key factors here.

The TY Hi-Z HP-32, TY Hi-Z HP-32S,  HE150 and TY Hi-Z 150S earbuds

The packaging is simple, bloat free and no frills. But does the job and cuts down on pesky extra packaging costs relayed to the consumer. I do like a good unboxing though :)

TY Hi-Z HP-32 32ohm earbuds



The TY Hi-Z HP-32 is,... well it isn't the 32S. More is more. Amirite?
The 32 and 32S share a similar but not exactly the same signature.
Deep bass and a low end, full bodied.  The vocals punchy and forward.
The 32S just does it all with a little more finesse, smoothness and body.
Whilst not entirely lacking in treble and highs, the vocals possess the dynamism on this earbud.

 TY Hi-Z HP-32S 32ohm earbuds

The Colarad and the 32S look to have the same specs but the 32S has more sub bass and low end, the Colarad a bit more high end.



The TY Hi-Z HP-32S 32ohm earbuds 

The 32S has a deep sound. Full bodied and also breathy fresh.
Gorgeous vocals, especially female.
Quite an upbeat and fun earbud.
The vocals are more forward than the HE 150, but not as much as the 32.
It is exciting and dynamic with a clean sound.
The 32S has V shape, but is not entirely absent of mids.
The 32S is definitely a step up from the 32 and worth the extra few dollars.




The HE 150 has a larger sound stage. 
It appreciates a little more power and amplification to really hit its mark.
Overall the sound signature is smooth, natural, non fatiguing and fairly linear.
It is balanced and even between the instruments and vocals. Not exactly flat, not overly dynamic.
It reproduces the chosen tracks fairly realistically.
Its a rather inoffensive earbud, easy to listen to and enjoy.

I would like to hear the HE 150S as I have heard good things about it.
(EDIT) Note: The 150s got sent to me after I had finished reviewing the other buds. So I did an A/B with the 150/150s. I hope some consistency in my findings remains.

The HE 150 likes a bit of power and the iBasso DX200 fits the bill nicely.

TY Hi-Z 150S

TY Hi-Z Earbud HP150 (150ohm) 


High sound quality ,good density , transparent sound, wide soundstage
Suitable crowd: Audiophiles with professional devices, and HIFI mobilephone users.
Sound style : Stately, Clear, Natural, Enduring.


Model: HP-150

Unit diameter: 15.4mm
Impedance: ≈150ohm
Cable Material: Handmade twisted wire
Sensitivity:115+-5 db  
Frequency range: 16-23000Hz
Model: HP-150s

There are four kinds of plug:

Plug 1: 3.5mm pure copper + nickel-plated + silver-plated + palladium-plated + rhodium-plated (need good equipment to drive)
Plug 2: 3.5mm Pure copper gold- plated (ordinary users, mobile phones can drive)
Plug 3: 3.5mm Pure copper rose-gold-plated (ordinary users, mobile phones can drive)
Plug 4: 2.5mm pure copper gold-plated balanced (2.5mm balanced)
Sensitivity: 105+-5 db  
Frequency response :10-25000Hz
Impedance: ≈150ohm
TY earbuds
2 pairs of  solid foam cushions
2 pairs of donut foam cushions
FREE Shark Fin silicone Eartips (2 X L / 2 X S )

US$ 22 - 45 depending on the plug chosen etc.


The 150 series needs a lot of power so I jumped right into the iBasso DX200, Opus#2 and threw the FiiO X7 Mark 2 into the mix also.

The TY-Hi Z 150S are very close to the HE150 than the differences between the 32/32s. 
The HE 150 is more forward overall whilst the 150S is laid back, or has a more subtle understated approach.
The HE 150 seem quite intimate and dynamic in that the music and vocals are pushed forward together, a little bit brash in its approach. But quite pleasing to my ears.
The 150S takes a more understated approach, softer, rounder, slightly smoother.
The 150S has a bit more layering and underlying detail.

Opus#2, iBasso Dx200, FiiO X7 Mark2, headphone switcher box with ALO Audio cables.
Adele not my regular listening, but great for some tests.

At this point I removed the foams. to get another angle.

The 150S is more defined than the HE 150, vocals slightly ahead of the music, it doesn't have the wall of sound effect that the HE 150 has. Instrument placement is more accurate.

The reality is that people arent probably going to use TOTL daps but rather smartphones etc to listen to these. I used the humbled yet effective and great sounding ipod Touch 6G as a final set of tests.

Some definition and detail is lost, but is is still a pleasing experience.

I got a bit worried that the colored versus black foams might be of a different thickness and put black foams on both earbuds.

Definitely brighter on a lower powered source at around volume set at 70%. loses a bit of that beefy lower end.


Back to a TOTL, the Opus#2.
Its definitely more effortless and pleasing with both buds, I could honestly listen to both easily. Different flavors to be sure, but I think in the lower regions the 150S wins with more clear definition and no bleed or bloom between sub bass and bass.
Also the Ty Hi-Z 150S performs better at lower volume levels.
Overall it has more control.

FiiO X7 Mark 2

Listening to some Beethoven as a final test the more delicate nature of the 150S revealed itself more, with greater timbre, nuance and can present it self better at lower volumes.

...and of course Slayer!

Note: The TY Hi-Z 150S got sent to me after I had finished reviewing the other buds. So I did an A/B with the HE 150/150S. I hope some consistency in my findings remains. It reads a bit disjointed at the end as my flow was paused for a time.

It was fun reviewing these earbuds. 

I was an early fan of earbuds in my budding audiophile days, moving onto headphones then recently becoming entrenched in IEMs. 
Admittedly I was reluctant to reenter the earbud world as I might once more become addicted to the easy and enjoyable world of earbuds, plus I had started to develop a distain and snobbiness towards them, I must confess to my embarrassment.

The bass and soundstage increased as I moved from the Colarad to the 32, 32S and then to the HE150, the treble seemed more tamed and controlled also.
The 32S being a particular sweet spot for me in over all terms of timbre, sound stage, instrument separation, body, and overall dynamism with the 150 close behind.

If I was to summarize in short hand each signature (to my ears) subjectively:
xxX - Colarad C01                    
XXx - TY Hi-Z HP-32ohm
XxX - TY Hi-Z HP-32S
XXX - HE150ohm.
xxx   - TY Hi-Z 150S

Theres a certain slight congestion or restriction in the lower end of the 32 and HE150 models that I think is fixed by the S versions (at this point I hadn't heard the HE 150S, making a few guesses by the differences between 32 and 32S).

I found myself quite enjoying listening to these earbuds after jumping off the earbud wagon some time ago for several reasons. A good deal of my listening was on my daily commute or in a cafe etc, which meant that sound leakage wasn't an option to avoid annoying others.
Also I didn't like the earbud fit at times. They way they hung down and didn't fully enclose my ear canal so I would end up missing out on the full sonic experience. I used the included clips for the first time and was pleasantly surprised at the way they fitted against my ear canal, just like as If I had my fingers pressed against them.

Consider me then reconverted back to an appreciator of earbuds, not only for the improved fit with the clips, and therefore a better listening experience, but also I forgot how earbuds can yield wonderful sound also.

At between US$8 - US$15 or so (depending on which different add ons one adds on) one really can't complain about the price, or the performance.
I'm tempted to write about `value for money/and punching above their price' - just for Willy to read :) Let`s see If he gets to the end of the review.

Whilst budget-fi can get a bad rep at times, there are quite a few delights out there. Does one amass a stable of affordable earbuds and IEMs or save up for one or two mid-fi to TOTL IEMs or headphones?

Its a tricky choice but I think whatever each person chooses enjoyment and pleasure can be had for all.

Thanks to Penon Audio and TY Hi-Z for sending Head pie the earbuds for review


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