e-earphone potafest show, July 15, 2017

e-earphone portable audio festival. July 15/16, 2017.

Once again the mainly twice yearly e-earphone show was held in Akihabara.

The day was hot and full of aboverecorded temperature   humidity.

I was happy to get inside where the aur conditioning was.
I arrived nust before the main doors opened and wandered around taking some booth photos before it got busy

The calm before the storm!

Oya san and Yutaro!

Myself and K2 Craft Oya san - photo: Yutaro


Around this time I started to talk to people I knew or whom I had chatted to online... I was still a bit overheated  and lightheaded from the weather and in cool down mode. 

I am weaksauce, Japans summer always defeats me for a time

Advanced AcousticWerkes and Empire Ears

Nuff said!

I am a big Campfire Audio fan and have reviewed several of their Earphones

Vision ears - I liked the V6

Effect Audio cables

Jomo Audio!

Head pie favorites Meze and Clear Tune Monitors

Noble . I had a good chat again with the Wizard


People started arriving and the place filled up rather quickly

Clear Tune Monitors

Audio fan favorites - Meze

The man himself!

Cable makers extraordinare Effect Audio

Anakchan of Head-fi - always happy

Simgot - another online community favorite

ifi Audio

Aroma Witch Girl

My favorite, the Witch Girl 12 with the Shanti



Audio Opus!

Astell and Kern - the queue was long for the new Ultima - so I will give it a listen next time



Vision ears - I like the 6 with the switches turned on

Nathan of Ohm image and Headfonia- always funny

Back out in to the heat

Audio deal shoppers melting outside

Time to go home and bathe in the summer kiddie pool at home with my son.


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