Testing, testing...1,2,3....

The bit I did not write is that it is recommender to use a 1000 khz tone sound file or something to get the same reading across daps.

Also make a tube of cardboard or something to slip over the end of the meter to stick the IEM in.

There are several spl phone apps which work pretty much just as well as a dedicated spl meter.

Just hold the iem hard against the  mic.


 Testing, testing 1,2,3.  Some of the gear that goes into a review. 

Not only casual and analytical listening sessions with different gear (basic dap and ear/headphone). 

Using a head phone switcher box means I can quickly switch between many sources to one (or sometimes more)earphone to try to fathom the basic sound signature to my ears, but also one dap to a few earphones (if i can get the volume matching right).

Using the SPL meter to make sure volume levels are the same. Even a couple of db difference can skew ones ears into thinking one item sounds better than the other without due cause.


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