Simgot EN700 impressions by Ta-Ke

Simgot EN700 impressions

pros: Great build quality, soft cable, mid-focused
cons: It would be great if the cable can be detachable, the cable is soft and nice to use but I'm not sure about its strength. When paired with low power outputs the vocal is slightly recessed and there is some sibilance in the treble region.

 Official brand description if you are not familiar with the brand
`SIMGOT,means "Simple and elegant". We trust only finest product and perfect service, only the fusion of old-school rules and fashion creativity. Don't give in to conservative and troubles, we will redefine your senses. Stop step around and start set out. Salute to art and science.`

The Simgot EN700 has been a recent hit, out of curiosity I borrowed a unit from a friend to evaluate. The EN700 is the first iem from the company and it carries the name Suzaku (known as a constellation symbol in the form of a bird), as listed on the website it is the flagship iem offered by the company. To me it looks alike the HE-1000 design and the item is really well built.

Throughout the whole iem we can see a lot of metal being used, I originally thought the faceplate is an open back filter but turns out there are two small vents, one near the nozzle as shown in the picture above and one at the back in the middle of the faceplate. 
The silver plated copper cable is not detachable while being soft and easy to use, it doesn't get tangled easily and there is a memory wire inside the ear-guide.

The matt silver body is quite big in size, since the nozzle doesn't extend too deep I assume it would fit most male's ears but not for females/ small ears. 
As put on the official site it is processed by 4 axis CNC after casted from a block of aluminum, the metal body is smoothly polished, the lid and the body fits seamlessly. 
The weight is quite light and it sits quite comfortably in my ears.

Explosion diagram 

Testing source: Komplete Audio 6 interface
Songs: Various, mainly old blues, folk songs and modern J/K-pops in different formats

Sound impressions
I left the unit to be burnt in for 50+ hours on my old Cowon dap before I started writing.
On the Shanling m1 the earphone sounds a bit of a v shape, there is a clear emphasis on bass and the treble is clearly lifted. 
There isn't as much details for the lows/ sub-lows compared to the mid frequencies and the presentation is like a mini hall, the soundstage is average and the vocal (mid bass) is the focus. It is not harsh to listen to, instead it is good for pop music with simple accompaniments, it is better if you listen to folk songs/ asian pops from the last decade but not music with a lot of digital elements. 

It seems to me the sound signature is more balanced on the iphone7 where the treble is pressed down a bit. I prefer listening to male vocals on the EN700 as it is more natural than the female vocal presentation.

Testing outdoors
I tried the EN700 on the streets and the ambient noise helped to reveal more sweet mids and pressed down the slightly invasive bass and shaped the treble to be sweeter. 

Comparison with the co-donguri
The co-donguri is just sitting nearby so I am using it as a comparison to the EN700. 
A quick switch between the two listening to a One Direction track streaming on my phone reveals clearly different tonality between the two. The Co-donguri has a lighter but firmer punch for the bass and a more extended/controlled but shy treble, while the EN700 clearly has more bass quantity, it again feels like the Co-donguri is easier to drive and the EN700 needs more power to make the sound more refined. 

I prefer using the EN700 in noisy environments as the isolation is better and the tuning is more suitable for outdoors. Overall the EN700 is a quality iem coming with a nice leather pouch, I'm looking forward to try the bass version and it would be better if Simgot found a way to make the cable detachable.

Head pie editor note: An up coming version of the EN700 bass will have a MMCX cable.

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