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iBasso DX200 AMP 2 review

iBasso DX200 AMP2 review

Head pie earlier reviewed the iBasso DX200, check it out here:

Whats in the box

The iBasso AMP2 comes in a simple and correctly sized cardboard box with a protective foam bed.

Included is a handy screwdriver of perfect size to loosen the screws that hold the amp in place.
Do take care and don`t fully unscrew them, just loosen them.

A handy manual accompanies a warranty, to guide one how to change amps safely.

Differences between the iBasso AMP1 and AMP2

The most obvious difference is that the iBasso AMP1 has balanced out and the AMP2 does not. The more subtle differences are within the design and internals of the AMP2.

The 3.5mm Head phone out has slightly more power, but volume levels seem similar. 
In the general listed specs the rest seem to be more fine tuned.

Internally iBasso have chosen to completely over haul the internals (see the fourth picture in the General information section below for a full description).

General information from the iBasso website

Sound and overall

The iBasso AMP2 is an add on, an extra. perhaps akin to purchasing an aftermarket cable to squeeze that last little bit of performance out of an earphone or to tweak its signature ever so much.

The AMP2 is aimed at single ended 3.5mm jack users, imho. As an owner of several balanced cables and earphones to match them with I found the AMP1 balanced out to be preferable overall with its added power. Not that the AMP2 is a slacker at all.

The iBasso AMP2 I think is designed to try to reproduce a similar experience for single ended 3.5mm users.
 It introduces a more more fuller sound all over, more body and a nice added low end to the music.
The early mids are more present and highs are a little more smoother, it still retains the fairly neutral signature of the AMP1 but adds more to the lower half of the sound spectrum.

Its not a huge jump, but is different enough to please.

I didn`t feel a need to rush back to AMP1 as I enjoyed the AMP2 quite considerably, the slightly larger sound stage that the balanced out offers pulled me back towards the AMP1.

I think If one was dependent more on 3.5mm ear/headphones this would be a great purchase for them as iBasso DX200 owners.

Thank you to iBasso for sending Head pie the (DX200) AMP2 for review.

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