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iBasso CB13 IEM cable review

iBasso CB13 MMCX IEM cable review

`Handmade 8-wire braided cable.
5N mono crystal silver wire and 6N mono crystal copper wire
Proprietary high quality dielectric
2.5mm gold plated balanced TRRS`

The iBasso CB13 next to the black stock cable that comes with the iBasso IT03 earphones.

The iBasso CB13 is beautifully braided and smooth to the touch.

The iBasso CB13 comes in a simple sealed plastic bag.


The CB13 as a cable in itself has an even sound, is musical in the sense that it retains the overall intended dynamics of the recording.

The effect is one of a detailed and exquisite wall of sound yet retaining the separation of the instruments and the various levels of lows, mids and highs.

The music is concurrent with vocals, neither is overpowered to the suffering of the other.
It has fantastic width, depth and height - the sound stage of the chosen earphone is well represented.

With the Campfire Andromeda the performance is excellent and the sonic signature of the Andromeda is retained and enhanced.

I thought the CB13 improved the IT03 in places, certainly the ergonomics of the cable were better, and the CB13 softened the V shape and brought up the mids more.

The CB13 improves on the overall timbre,  increases the mid section, the sound is all enveloping and constant in the height, width and depth areas, the sound stage is equal to the potential of the chosen earphone.


iBasso IT03 stock cable, the iBasso CB13 and in the background the iBasso DX200 Dap.

Although on the slightly thicker side of custom cables, the CB13 does not over do it.
It is quite light, pliable and soft to the touch.

The braids are evenly distributed and the cable hangs effortlessly upon ones ears.

The rubber covering the MMCX connectors fits the IT03 perfectly, although it may be a bit too long for other brands of earphones. I had to firmly push for it to click into place with my Campfire Audio earphones. 
Some have suggested taking a craft knife and delicately and carefully slicing off a mm of plastic.
um,..no thanks ;)

The cable itself hangs down nice and straight, no annoying coiling.


The iBasso CB13 retails at US199 (its thinner sibling the CB12 retails at US$89).

I think it is a decent cable, I really like the way it fits over my ears, and easily hangs down.

As for build and sound quality, I have no complaints.

iBasso DX200, iBasso CB13 cable and iBasso IT03.

The iBasso CB13 is a beautiful looking cable. 
The thicker eight braided strands certainly stands out from the crowd, gorgeous.

It has no memory wire, yet fits comfortably, softly and securely around the ears.

The CB13 simply drops down, straight down. No coiling, no bunching. Take it out and use it.

It is a slightly heavy looking cable compared to others, but is still fairly lightweight.

The CB13 being a mix of copper and silver the CB13 hits the right spot, neither too warm, dark or at the other end, treble focussed and sparkly. It achieves a good sonic balance.

With the right earphones it has a clean and detailed clarity with an all enveloping sound, spacious, great resolution, excellent separation and a large sound stage.

The CB13. It is `only` a cable, but its a decent one. 
*Performance is determined by ones choice of Dap, earphones and quality music files of course.

Thank you to iBasso for sending Head pie the CB13 cable for review


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