Audio-Opus the Opus#2 Dap unboxing part two - expatinjapan

The Audio-Opus Opus#2 dap unboxing.
Part two- the sunny unboxing :)



The Opus#2 comes with a screen protector already put on, so from the start you're readyto go.


Specs and tech stuff




Beautiful leather case and handy cable for charging and moving data.

A nice match with the Campfire Audio Vega



The Meze Neo Classic 99 shows how easily postrable the Opus#2 is.



Looking smexy with the Campfire Audio Andromeda.


A bit of Dita the Truth for a reference, reference. (Getting Tricky).




Jupiter is a planet, and another Campfire Audio IEM.




The line up 1, 3 & 2!
Showdown at the Opus corral!



Dap sandwich.
1, 3 &2 on the bottom.






Review to follow in due course. 


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