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The Dita Truth Replaceable Cables with Awesome Plug
Impressions and review

Via the Dita Facebook page:
`The Awesome Plug is created to solve a problem where many audiophiles face, Single-Ended or Balanced.
With an interchangeable 3.5mm or 2.5mm jack (4.4mm imminent), audiophiles can choose convenience and sound quality.
The Awesome Plug is now available on the Truth Replaceable Cable in silver or copper, 2-pin or mmcx.`

Whats in the box?

The Dita Truth Awesome cable and a 2.5mm balanced plug, and a 3.5mm single ended plug.


The convenience and ingenuity of the awesome plug is both simple to use and exceedingly convenient for audiophiles. 
One can choose either silver/copper then have a selection of plugs instead of having to buy several cables. This also saves on the usual wear and tear of connecting and disconnecting either two pin or MMCX connectors.

Making the Awesome plug shows Ditas continued commitment to design and the requirements of audiophiles. 

From the Dita website:
`The Truth Replacement Cable is the first time that Dita is offering a replacement cable to the market.

With over 20 years of experience and expertise in high end audio cable manufacturing, Van Den Hul and Dita have created one of the best price vs performance upgrade products in the market.  Featuring patented Van Den Hul 3T technologies, it is a combination of ground breaking technology as well as tried and tested methods. The internal as well as external braid and twist have been carefully calculated and calibrated to provide the best combination in clarity, detail retrieval as well as depth in bass extension.


Van Den Hul patented 3T technology carbon based cable technology (Also available in copper/Cu)
Available in MMCX and 2 pin configuration
The Truth cable with its recognizable cable viewer which highlights the intricate twist and braid used.
The Awesome plug allows for a multitude of configurations on the plug end for use on various types of players.
Available in 3.5 mm TRS and 2.5 mm TRRS
The latest 4.4mm Pentaconn connector will be available as an option soon.` 


Each cable has a window where on can see the cable weave inside.
Also useful for checking which cable version it is - silver or copper.

Switching plugs from single ended to balanced is easy.

The plug easily slides into place, then is secured by a thread ring/nut that locks it safely into place.

The sound

I tested the Dita Awesome Cables with the Opus#1 and iBasso DX200 using FLAC tracks.
I generally stuck with the balanced jack.

Each Dap has well over 400 hours each of play time on them.

I used mainly JVC Spiral Tips.

iBasso DX200 and the Dita Awesome Plug (silver) and Campfire Audio Vega.

The variations I received.

First up the Dita Awesome Plug Silver.
Although it is made up of several metals for convenience sake I will just refer to it as silver.

The silver version certainly adds more overall body to the music playing, a nice boosted sub bass, the bass itself getting a bit more thump yet retaining its distinction.

I really enjoyed it especially with the Campfire Audio Vega.

I suspect its the mysterious mix of metals that make up the Truth Awesome silver version that have rendered this to be not your usual silver cable.
3T is available on both silver and copper versions.
Usually silver cables tend to boost mainly the lows and the highs, or at least center their energy and focus at those  areas.

The Silver versions seems to have a certain warmth to it, smooth, rounded, a nice mid section, yet also retaining the dynamic lows and brilliant highs.

When using with the Andromeda it retains the spaciousness and air that I have become accustomed to, vocals are wistful and liquid like. The sound although dynamic it retains that certain linearity that I love about the Andromeda.
Clarity, depth and extension.

The Campfire Audio Dorado seems not a good match, the way the Silver Awesome plug subtlety brings up some of the mid section doesn`t always agree with the Dorado designed sonic signature.
When combined with say The Pixies it certainly shines.

Turning to the Campfire Audio Lyra ii the silver cable certainly enhances the earphone, with its XXx signature with its rolled off highs that result in a lush and intimate experience, the Dita silver cable brights up the high end more and recesses the mid ever so slightly turning it more towards the linear.
I like it.

With the Nova which has a similar signature of XXx to the Lyra ii the experience is very similar, even more linear. Bass is strong, mids slightly tames, high end brought up.

But each to their own.

On to the Copper version of the awesome plug.

It certainly is different sonically from the silver version, more subdued over all.

Less detailed, more action in the mids, less highs, the sound stage is more intimate.

I preferred the silver version with the CA Vegas.

With the CA Andromeda it is a truly special experience, nice expansive sound stage, great separation, forward soaring vocals, excellent separation, exquisite detailing.

Turning back again to the Dorado, like the Andromeda the copper seems to be a good match on some tracks, but varies. Either an extreme V shape or the mids come up with mess with the intended sound signature of the Dorado.

With the Campfire Audio Lyra ii with its XXx signature the lows get quite low and yet the highs seems to be more prevalent. The mids are still there all lush and sensuous. Hit or miss.

The Nova seems quite airy with the copper cable, I had to recheck the window of the Awesome Cable to see if I had the copper indeed. Vocals seem a bit too forward for my preferences at times. Apart from that, the underlying dynamics are quite pleasing.

A general Head pie testing set up for cable and dap testing etc using a headphone splitter box and volumed matched gear using an SPL meter.


The Dita Awesome plug is an ingenious one stop cable solution for many an audiophile.
With its choice of several interchangeable plugs (2.5mm, 3.5mm and soon 4.4mm) one now only has to buy one (or two) cables.

Many now are familiar with Dita whether it be the Truth, Answer or the more recent Dream model. 
They as a company proved their worth early on by delivering excellent products with smile and great customer service.

I have noticed that Dita always strives to be innovative and deliver real solutions in addition to good sound.

The Dita Truth Awesome Plugs are very easy to use and interchanging between the plugs is a stress free experience.

The cable itself can be prone to the serpentine like coiling of the Truth model cable at times. The ergonomics of it may be unpleasing to some.

As to be expected the packing, build and detailing are all top notch. It truly is a quality product.

One of course has to choose between either two pin models or MMCX models (perhaps Dita can release an adaptor at some stage - a two pin that clicks into the MMCX connector) then it truly would be an all in one solution.
I of course have reviewed the MMCx version only.

That is apart from the silver/copper choice that one is first greeted with.

Which to choose?

The silver seems to favor the more linear , reference or flat IEMs.
 I did not enjoy it so much with V shaped IEMs, but also take into account I am not a V shaped sound signature fan anyway.
The silver also matches well with XXx signature earphones which have the highs rolled off, and brings the highs more back into play.

The copper also likes a linear earphone.
V shaped sound signatures can be a hit or miss depending on the track, it brings up the mid section which is nice.

The Nova seemed to match well with either which was surprising.

In all when one is choosing an aftermarket cable there is now a wealth of choices available on the market these days. Most of the established brands and makers are fairly well known by now and have been going for several years.

Dita have established themselves as a trusted brand and once again reached beyond our imaginations with their new release the Awesome Plug, a revolutionary idea in the expanded universe of audio cables.

Thank you to Dita for sending the Truth Awesome Plug to Head for review.


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