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`Oh you pretty things` - David Bowie

Jomo Audio PLB, Opus#3 Dap and Double Helix Cable.

JOMO PLB (Pretty little beast) IEM review
 - expatinjapan

Jomo Audio interview

Short blurb from the Jomo website: 
`PLB, or the Pretty Little Beast, is the latest Universal Fit In-ear Monitor design from Jomo Audio. Featuring 3 balanced armature drivers with a classic three-way crossover. Full spectrum distributed to each of the designated speaker drivers  through a passive crossover network consisting of electrical components and acoustic components.

Powerful, warm bass with full a body of kicking on the drums. Forward mid-range vocals with some magical sparkly notes on the highs. Delivering an enjoyable musical experience with no fatigue.`

iBasso DX200

 Whats in the box

The PLB comes in a gorgeous Genuine Caviar Leather storage box.

A beautiful CNC aluminum carry box generously laser etched/inscribed with `Head Pie`. 

The PLB comes with:

-Standard two pins tinsels wire cable, 1.3m, 3.5mm right angle, gold plated. 
-One set of double flange silicon tips, S, M, L
-One set of Tornado silicon tips. S, M, L
-CNC aluminium carry box. 
-Genuine Caviar Leather storage box. 
-1/4" adapter
-in-flight adaptor
-cleaning brush with loop
-1 year warranty. 


Joseph Mou of Jomo Audio

My first view of the Jomo Pretty Little Beast at the e-earphone show in Tokyo.

Standard and decent stock cable

Beautiful smooth shells, excellent fit

For once i didn`t have to do any tip rolling to get a decent fit and seal

The shells have a nice groove for the tips to grip onto.


-Three precision tuned balanced armature drivers
-Three ways crossover, One low, one mid and one high, classic design.
-Two stainless steel sound bores
-20Hz ~ 20KHz
-19 ohms
-Hypoallergenic UV acrylic shell with Japanese hybrid opal faceplate


I got over 100 hours listening and burn in on the Jomo Audio - Pretty little beast (PLB) before embarking upon the sound impression section.

I listened with a variety of Daps, Dac/amps etc to get a general feel of the PLBs sonic signature.

I used mostly 16/44 FLAC tracks and volume matched using a SPL app.

Opus#1 Dap

I listened to the PLB for a bit after first receiving them, then had to break from all things audio with the birth of my second child.
Some Head piers know of this, and understand why the reviews are slightly delayed at the moment.

Finally after getting some free time when the beautiful new baby slept at different times I managed to squeeze out a few cable reviews of the MMCX variety, the Jomo PLB being a two pin was obviously excluded from that process which put me further behind.
I do like a fairly quick turn around for my own sanity and also for the supporting company to have their product review all done and out in the wild.

In time I was able to commence with the PLB review properly.

`If you love somebody` by The Police was when I first understood the term or name Pretty Little Beast.
The Jomo PLB combines sparkly highs with a deep underground of bass rumbling in the lower regions.

I did at an earlier stage think the term PLB was a reference to the lovely looking shells with opal inlay. My mistake. It seems to refer to that and also to the particular sound signature of the PLB.

CEntrance Hifi-Skyn

Having in my stable earphones that are US$1000+ I can easily slip into a pre judging `snob mode` when it comes to anything in the $1 - $500 price region. Without cause of course, well generally anyway.

I do have eaphones in the $50 - $200 area that I absolutely love. The proof of the puddings in the eating as they say.

`Last night I dreamt of somebody` by The Smiths gave me a bit of a spine tingle when the intro came through, a great black ground and that piano, the piano sounded authentic and fabulous.

I was on a Japan commuter train packed to the gills with people crammed together like sardines staring at cellphones, a few students reading textbooks, newspapers for the informed few, some sleeping..a snorer and the rest staring out into an imaginary space whilst we stopped at a station for a lengthy time to await the passing of an express train to over take us. And The Smiths filled that space wonderfully via the Jomo Audio PLB.

The PLB does strings, piano and other natural non electronic instruments very well to my ears.

The at times prominent mids push the vocals forward of the music.

An expansive medium to large soundstage was never disappointing.

Hifiman MegaMini and Alo Audio Continental V5.

As usual with any review the real test is not in the short first burst of appreciation (or disgust) but in extended listening periods, not only due to the new toy syndrome or the gradual loss of the aural memory of the previous review item but because over time different subtle aspects of an earphone become more noticeable.

I`m wary of short listening impressions in shops or shows masquerading as reviews, which seem to have become popular of late.

The Jomo PLB is a triple driver, one low, one mid and one high. A standard set up in most IEM companies that deal in BAs. Its a classic design and simple.

But as usual its all in the tuning, the shells and cable. Whether the synergy can be constructed to produce a satisfactory result.

The Jomo Audio PLB achieves what I imagine it set out to do.  Which is to produce a mid level IEM of quality build, design and sound which fits within the the usual three driver spectrum.

It is well tuned, and musical with that. It certainly isn`t a flat IEM, nor does it veer into V shaped fatigue territory.

The Jomo PLB produces and hits the mark on what a three driver BA IEM should do, decent bass presence, lush mids that enhance the vocals and highs that reach far enough to please without extending past the basic three driver design.

When I used it with the iBasso DX200 and using the Pure OCC Silver Litz IEM Cable V3 Next-generation Model with Type 4 Litz in balanced mode I found the Jomo Audio smooth, even and linear on most tracks and other times the lows were a bit to full.

I could detect the ceiling of the Jomo PLB performance when using this combination, with more width than height and medium soundstage and good to great separation.

The term coherence can be loosely thrown about often these days, but i can write that the PLB has great overall coherency between the three drivers.
It packs a lot of power in the low end, yet doesnt lack at the high end either.

Although warm at times in the low end with the DX200 it still retains clarity and definition overall.
It still has that three driver signature as opposed to BA IEMs that have more drivers and more tuning options there of.

The vocals are quite centered with the music surrounding them in a sphere like fashion.

It ranged from musical, to dynamic to flat at times.

With the newly arrived Opus#3 Dap and also the Double Helix Cable Pure OCC Silver Litz IEM Cable V3 Next-generation Model with Type 4 Litz I found an excellent synergy.

The sound was even and extremely coherent, the sound sound stage seemed larger or at least more airy due to the less deep low end and possible lower power output on the balanced port being more forgiving on the IEM.

Musical, smooth and detailed.


S$699.00 converts roughly to around US$499.00.

The Jomo PLB/ Pretty little beast comes in at the mid priced range of the general $1 - $1000 market. 

The $200 - $600 area is a tricky price point for companies to get right. Build, sound, extras, cables, materials etc all come into play.

I found the Jomo Audio PLB to be appropriately priced.

They ARE Pretty Little Beasts as one can see by the photos.


The Jomo Audio PLB contrasts with the more customized version of the Jomo 6R I have, in sound and also in overall aesthetics.

Whilst the PLB is exactly that with present bass, expressive mids, forward vocals and  twinkling highs the Jomo 6R is more reference in its presentation.

Jomo 6R and a Double Helix Cable.

The fit is comfortable and I could wear them with no problems for extended periods of time.

The build seems more out sourced than in house, but I have not reached to Mr.Mou to confirm this. The shells are well crafted, tough, light and rounded for comfort.
The Japanese hybrid opal faceplate is exquisite and a nice touch.

I have the same general stock cable on my Jomo 6R and found sonic benefits when swapping it out with other cables. Although the supplied cable is more than adequate.

I was a bit taken aback by the courageous and striking colorful design at first but have come to love it. There isn`t much like it on the market in terms of visual appearance.

The Jomo PLB strikes a wonderful balance as a triple driver IEM, the stock staple of any earphone manufacturers stable. 

It is musical but not overly forceful, quite balanced overall yet not flat or V shaped.
The bass hits full, the mids are warm and prominent and boost the vocals whilst the highs provide the clarity that holds it all together and allows some air within the dynamic presentation.

The Jomo Pretty Little Beast. Always beautiful, never boring and sometimes beastly.

Thank you to Jomo Audio for sending the PLB (Pretty little beast) for review


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