Audio-Opus: Opus#3 Dap unboxing

Audio-Opus, Opus#3 Dap unboxing

*Specifications and information at the bottom of the page.

The Dignis leather case is an optional extra

Thank you to Audio-Opus for sending the Opus#3 Dap to Head pie for review


  1. When is the review coming out? :3
    Been quite interested in the opus3 ever since i talked to the guys at canjam sg!

  2. Dap reviews take time to do properly. I also want to get 100 hours on it. Plus I have to work my way through the review backlog also. timeframe?...not sure. Working on it :)

  3. I have this DAP for a week now. Love the sound with my Vegas. Bluetooth connection is awesome.
    But, my god, this player keeps crushing out of blue all the time. Very unstable. Hope new FW will fix it.

  4. I am living it loving it too.

    Very musical, clean and detailed.

    I havent had any crashes myself