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Meze 12 Classic and CEntrance DACportable

Meze 12 Classics review

I am always keen to try any earphones or headphones with a wooden component. I like the style and I love the sound. I still keep my ATH-ESW9 (recently refurbished, all except for the drivers), the stellar ATH-ESW11, the Shozy Zero and the crowd favorite of late the Meze 99 Classic headphones.

The use of wood brings something different to the table than metal, plastic or acrylic. The resonance is more natural and well, organic.

I reviewed the Meze Neo 11 earlier:

Meze Neo 11 and Opus#1 dap


Whats in the box

The build like all Meze products is a combination of good design, aesthetics and construction.
Beautiful to look at, easy to use, pleasurable to listen to. 

It has a mic and a remote.


Frequency response: 16Hz - 24KHz
Impedance: 16Ohm
Sensitivity: 101dB (+/- 3db)
Total harmonic distortion: < 0.5%
Noise attenuation: up to 26dB
Titanium coated 8mm mylar driver
Copper-clad aluminum voice coil
3.5mm gold-plated jack plug
7N OFC cable, length: 1.2m


The Meze 12 Classic at $79 on amazon USA, and the Neo 11 at $59.

They are affordable for most, and a sound to match. Very listenable.


I connected the Meze 12 Classic, Meze Neo 11 and the Shozy Zero (for extra comparison) to a headphone switcher box and used a SPL app to get the volume the same across all three earphones.

Daps used: iBasso DX200, Opus#1, Hifiman MegaMini, CEntrance DACportable and the Cozoy REI dac/amp.

The LineP headphone switcher box was connected to the daps with three ALO Audio SXC 8 mini to mini interconnects.

The music files were FLAC 16/44 mostly, with each Dap playing the same track as I switched between them.

The Meze 12 Classic has a full sound, deep and good resolution.
It upscales well and when paired with the iBasso DX200 and it demonstrated an increase in separation, more space, larger sound stage and overall resolution when used with a more upmarket source.

The Meze Neo 11 was lighter overall, vocals focussed, more highs and air, less sub bass and a slightly smaller sound stage. It seemed to have more clarity at times, but I perceive that to be more basically of metal vs wood.

Circling clockwise from the black round Meze 12 Classic carry case.
The Shozy Zero, Meze Neo 11, Meze 12 Classic, Opus#1, Hifiman MegaMini and the iBasso DX200.

ALO Audio SXC 8 mini to mini interconnects

The Meze 12 Classic is a great little earphone. Like its sibling the Neo 11 its price is at entry level and affordable for most people.

They make a good complimentary pair, each offering something a little different but retaining a similar sound signature from their parent company.

The Meze 12 Classic natural sound is typical of wooden ear/headphones.

I like them :)

Just for fun :)

Thank you to Meze for sending the Meze 12 Classics for review

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