Fujiya Avic Portable show report - Tokyo, Japan - 2/18/2017 - expatinjapan

This Fujiya Avic show is different than their usual twice yearly shows around May and October.

This has a portable focus and is only on one floor of the Sun Plaza in Nakano when the usual larger show takes up 3 - 4 floors.

I will let the pictures do the talking mainly with a few added notes here and there.

Cables for all your audio needs...and wants.























JH Audio and Astell and Kern




I tried out the whole JH Audio range (including the AK version).

I decided I liked the Roxanne II best.



AK T8iE and iBasso DX200



Astell & Kern 380CU and Amp

The AK range



The Dita Awesome cable and Dita upcoming Dream earphone.

Chord Mojo.

And Chord Hugo

Dita Truth Awesome cables

Dita Dream and iBasso DX200

Dita Brass edition with 4.4mm plug



Final Audio



Shure and Fender








The always happy Oya San of K2Craft (in the green shirt)

















Stacks, of amps and stacks of dacs!


DIY extravaganza



PAW pico

PAW range of Daps


Witch Girl!



ifi Audio

















Alex An of Astell and Kern with expatinjapan/Damon of Head pie

Astell and Kern

AK380SS and AK380CU

AK380CU and Campfire Audio Vega with Reference 8 cable

AK380CU and iBasso DX200


AK380SS, AK380CU and iBasso DX200. What was my verdict?
ooh the suspense.


AK380SS and iBasso DX200


AK380CU and iBasso DX200





AnakChan of Head-fi and Kobo owner/designer/maker



expatinjapan and AnakChan

Then we went to lunch and I had a short listen to his Sony NW-WM1Z & Tralucent 1Plus2.2 and AnakChan had a listen to the iBasso Dx200, but then the food came and everything slowed down after that.







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