Prophile vs Noble Katana - Vignelli


Inear Prophile 8 vs Noble Katana

This is my personal opinion review so please take it with a grain of salt.

It  is better on the Prophile get spinfit tips which are loved by some people.. 

You get a better seal with the prophile.. The body looks like a ciem.. So if you like CIEMs, You know where to go
Both of them have a reference sound which is  neutral.

Prophile is slightly harder to drive than Katana. On my Mojo I need to add 3 to 5 points of volume to equal with the katana.

Bass on the katana is slightly more airy than with the prophile.. Prophile wins in quantity  on bass+1 but katana win in quality.

On the prophile it is slightly larger.
Depth on the katana is slightly deeper.

The Prophile has better separation because its slightly laidback so you have room for better separation.

The clarity on the katana is slightly better, the most clean sounding IEM to date. No contest.

Instrument for prophile, vocal for katana.


If you like laidback, great deep bass, a wide soundstage with great separation and performance, choose prophile. 
And if you looking for forward vocals with a good depth and showering you with clarity, without overwhelming bass then choose the katana.. 

Both of them are allrounder IEMs. So you will not regret your decision to buy either of em.. Except If you are a basshead, then you have to stay away from katana.. 



  1. Hi! I am just on the edge of that decision: None of the local shops have Katana but I can buy it second hand for the same price as a new ProPhile. I liked the PP but I still wish that it was not that much laid back. But I can live it it considering everything else is great (especially the fit, where I mostly have problems with UIEMs). But still wondering how the Katana is...

    I very rarely listen to vocals, mostly acoustic instruments, fusion jazz, and I very much like to hear the clean electric bass (Carles Benavent) or contrabass (Renaud Garcia Fons). What would you recommend? Shall I stay with the PP? Cheers

    1. Oh, and I will be driving it from a Chord Hugo.