BRIEFLY tested the Andromeda with the Centrance Hifi-M8 and its impedance switch with 11,2,1 output impedance options.

1ohms OI: is as expected, the full Andromeda experience. everything sounds beautiful and well tuned/balanced. smooth.

2ohms OI: Slightly reduced bass, Vocals lose some crispness. A slight Harshness underneath. It becomes more flat and less musical, loses that magic it has. Still sounds good,very close except with critical listening. Some may prefer this setting.

11ohms OI: A different sound signature all together. Quite thin overall. Reduced bass and mids, weak vocals. Some who heard a device at this setting might describe the Andromeda as laid back.

This is not a criticism of the Andromeda, more just an example of how all BA and multidriver IEMs need the lowest OI of 1 or less to perform at their optimum.

A bit of fun anyways, I will test out some other BAs/ multi driver IEM brands.

Just in: I purchased an adapter for 2.5 TRRS to RSA/ALO for use with my Centrance Mini-M8 and Campfire Audio Jupiter and other IEMs.

Xduuo x2+senheisser mx760 with jh cable

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