Thank you

Thank you again to paiaudio for supplying the earphones for our recent giveaway.

DACportable is a powerful, palm-sized device that turns the average audio of your smartphone, tablet or computer into a concert-hall listening experience.

Encased in anodized aluminum, DACportable comes packed with audiophile-grade components. Just plug it in and GO! Via a USB connection, DACportable extracts clean digital audio from your portable device, converts it to analog using high-end D/A conversion technology, and delivers pristine audiophile fidelity right to your ear. With features like EQ filters, digital volume control, a quick charge battery and more, DACportable’s high-res sound (backed with 32-bit/384kHz digital audio) will blow away even the most discerning music buff. Plus it’s self-powered, so it won’t drain your phone's battery.
The DACportable will also work with future iPhones with or without headphone jacks, preserving your headphone investment!
Centrance recently launched DACportable on Indiegogo and received an amazing response. Centrance have already surpassed their funding goal with $53,000. See at