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Once again a Head pie exclusive:
Shanling M1 unboxing and first thoughts.
- By Mimouille - Head pies roving reporter

First of all, let me summarize : wow, this seems like a great product.

It is very well designed and finished, absolutely minuscule and weighs nothing. It starts up in a second, scans a 64g card in less than a minute. I have to my knowledge no bugs in the tags and file browsing works seamlessly.

Strongest point on the M1 at this stage, the scroll wheel controls are just brilliant. Quick and efficient, very easy and intuitive to go through many files.

The screen is small but with nice definition.

I gave a quick listen with my SE5. They have quite low sensitivity, but 65 out of 100 is already to loud for me, so I guess most IEMs will be ok. Otherwise, not extensive impressions, but it seems to do nothing wrong, fairly detailed and neutral, good bass extension.

I will bet my pants this is going to be a hit, can't wait to pair it with the Mojo. The golden connector you see on the last pic doesn't come with it, but as you can see in the unboxing it comes with most of the connectors your will need to act as a transport.

- Mimouille

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