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Campfire Audio Lyra II unboxing

The Lyra II comes in a nice little box, a nice change from some of the unnecessary bloated packaging I find some of todays IEMs are packed into it. Shrink plastic wrapped for safety and freshness.

Inside you will find a beautiful black leather case.

A noithe metal whilst being transported to its new owner and home.

The Lyra II comes with the excellent sounding 4 wire Litz cable we find on other products by Campfire Audio. Strong and supple.

Decently strong and sturdy MMCX connectors, a screen to protect the inside of the earphones.

Gold plated jack.

Compared below to the Dorado another in the new line up by Campfire Audio.

And also we see the Vega below which has the same foot print as the Lyra II.

Thank you to Campfire Audio for sending Head pie the Lyra II for review


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