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Campfire Audio Dorado unboxing

The Dorado comes in a vacuum sealed plastic wrap for freshness.
A small sized box which is perfect for its function. No bloated packaging here.

The stunning leather case that will protect your Dorado earphones whilst out and about.

The Dorado is transported to you safely within cute little red bags to prevent scratching of the metal.

Nice strong and sturdy MMCX connectors.

The Dorado comes with the fantastic Litz cable.

Compared below in size to Campfire Audios Andromeda which I have had for around six months.

My short impressions form the Fujiya Avic show in Tokyo, October 2016.

The Vega is deep and full sounding. It has excellent clarity and sound stage. The bass hits but is also clean, tight and fast.

The Dorado is deeper, and has a medium v shaped signature. Bouncy and energetic. It has a good weight to the sound. Fun but still CA smooth.

The Lyra II is more a sense, it has more mids, warm, even and great instrument separation. Full with an excellent low end.

In terms of sound signature to my ears (And Ken confirmed I was pretty much on the Ball - excuse my pun).
Vega = XXX
Dorado = XxX
Lyra = XXx

Below we see the Dorado with the other two new members of Campfire Audios new Dynamic Driver line up.

Thank you to campfire Audio for giving Head pie the Dorado for review


  1. How does the Dorado compare with the Andromeda?

  2. Dorado is more XxX shaped like the Jupiter.
    The Vega is more alike to the Andromeda XXX shaped.