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Paiaudio MR1 review

The MR1 is the latest in the long of earphone products from Paiaudio. Head pie has a strong relationship with Paiaudio and have reviewed several of their products in the past.

DR1 - one driver in ear.
MR2 - Two driver IEM.
MR3 - Three driver IEM.
PR1 - earbud.

The Paiaudio audio series uses quality drivers to offer a great sound at an affordable price.

Build and what`s in the box?
The MR1 comes in a simple box with an array of tips and a shirt clip. Basic stuff. All you need really. No case though.

Solid metal and rubber construction. I do like how the rubber sleeves protect the cable at its most precarious - connected to the earphone.

The basic design of the MR1 brings to mind several other in ears on the market.
It is a one size fits all, just choose the right tips to get a decent seal and off you go.

The Paiaudio MR1 retails at an affordable US $60.
Good build and an entry level but acceptable sound makes it a good buy.


My daily in ears usually consist of US$1000 plus IEMs so its only fair to review the sound within the context of its price point.

As usual I let them burn in with shuffled music for around 100 hours before I begun the review.

I used the Opus#1 and Shozy Alien Daps for this review.

The Paiaudio MR1 has a basic sound and responds differently to various genres.

The MR1 suits more laid back music such as Norah Jones, The Smiths and Diana Krall etc rather than rock. This is where it really shines and the detail becomes more present, instruments more clearly separated, melodic with lush mids. The sound stage whilst medium is a faux spacious with softer music.

With general rock etc:
Soundstage is narrow to medium.
Separation of instruments is good, not much congestion.
Vocals are clear and slightly forward of the music.
Bass can be slow and with a long decay at times.
Mids are prominent and can get overly warm here and there.
Treble is present but not extended.

The Paiaudio MR1 is an affordable sub $100 earphone with an easy fit.

It suits more laid back music and is very enjoyable with said genres. It is melodic but not dynamic, more lush than energetic. Lots of mids. Good detail overall.

Due to its lack of sharp edges in the sound, it can come across a bit flat rather than sweeping sounds and engaging, but this lends itself to a non fatiguing experience.

The MR1 favors a more neutral or bright source.

If these are are your choices of music and experience then I think you would enjoy the MR1.

Thank you again to Paiaudio for sending the MR1 for review


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