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Centrance DAC Portable unboxing

From the Centrance site:

`DACportable is a reference-quality audiophile listening device. The sound quality is so awesome, you will hear detail in your music you never thought was possible.

Featuring the amazing AK4490 Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) coupled with AmpExtreme—our own powerful, Class-A Headphone Amplifier with digital volume control, this product will transport you musically to new heights.

DACportable supports full 32-bit, 384kHz resolution and DSD, so your equipment investment is future proof. There is plenty of clean output power. This means you can use your favorite headphones without worrying if it will be loud enough.`

The Centrance DAC Portable comes with a USB-A to micro usb for charging, and a micro usb to micro usb cable can be purchased separately

Low and High gain switch for IEMs and over the ears headphones.
Volume wheel on the far right.

Charge port for the micro usb, 
power on/off button - plus battery led to show how much power you have left, 
1/8 jack (3.5mm) for the headphone.

Volume wheel, led to show when music is playing, micro usb out.

Bass and treble toggles to add a bit of hard EQ.

Flacplayer app by Dan Leehr to play back those high res FLAC files.

ipod touch 6G connects straight to the DAC Portable by way of Cyberdrive lightning to micro usb cable (not included but one is available on their site). Pictured here with Campfire Audio Andromeda.

ipod touch 5G connects to the DAC Portable via Cyberdrive micro usb to lightning cable, then a CCK (Apple Camera connection cable). Pictured here with Jomo 6R IEM.

 I tried Cyberdrive and Cozoy Aegis Lightning to Micro USB cables and both functioned well.

Thank you to Centrance for sending us the DAC Portable


  1. DO you have the link for the cyberdrive cables? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Awesome review btw

  2. sorry, I dont think it is sold separately.