e-earphone headphone show 7/16/2016. Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. -expatinjapan

People waiting in line to buy discounted audio goods.

The Orpheus.
No, I didn`t try it. Too long a queue ;)

 Nice, large and spacious halls


 The lightning pin earphones are starting to come out.

Showgirls here and there

Chord and Dita.
Still loving my Dita-The Truth IEMs.

  Astell and Kern (no tomatoes).

JH Audio


Very cute. Like summer wind chimes.




Oriolus - One of my favorites from the show

Oriolus - Sounds fantastic.

Oriolus and new Cowon Dap

Paiaudio MR4 - another favorite.
Head pie has reviewed several of their IEMs.

Chord & Major. Thanks again for past review samples (Rock and Ballad).


Hifiman. I want to review the super mini.



Lot of Spinfits

Small table for FiiO this time.
Read the history of FiiO on Head pie. Its a fascinating article.

Nobunaga Labs


Echobox and their VERY soon to be released Dap.

Echobox Finder X1 IEMs - great in ears.
Read the review on Head pie.

Gorgeous design and finish.

The famous Final

Questyle - I want the Gold!



The friendly AIAIAI staff

Buy, buy, buy. The shopping area located nicely outside to prevent queues inside.


Comply giving a few tips

The Bit and their Opus#1 and #11
Another Head pie favorite. The review of their Opus#1 Dap: soon on Head pie.

Another favorite, The current Dap I use - The Opus#1.

The Cyberdrive Seiun Player - JR2 that head pie will review soon.

They came prepared with a few finished models that I tried out.
Not sure If it was the Seiun Pro or Pro X but rest assured it exists indiegogo backers.

The Seiun Pro (X?) lives

My ipod touch for size scale

Good sound, I only listened for a short time. 
Another of my favorites from the show.

The line up (ipod touch for scale)

The PHA-X1 dac/amp

Nearly the full line up.
Head pie reviewed the Seiun player to the far right, and will soon review the player second from the right.

iBasso and their new IEM


SHOZY - Alien gold and their ZERO IEM.

Two of my all time favorites.


JOMO and Effect Audio

The new JOMO Samba- Another of my favorites from the show.
Head pie reviewed the JOMO 6R.

Beautiful `Samba`.

Joseph Mou of JOMO

AdvancedAcoustic Werkes

Another of my favorites from the show. 
So little, but such a full sound that is smooth and packs a punch.

Thanks again AAW!
Head pie has reviewed two of AAW IEMs. Love them.

Another of my favorites. The Vibro.

oBravo and some new models.
See Head pie for a review of the Erib.

Similar casings but individual exquisite sound.

Get a prize and shaved ice for helping out on the headphone Odyssey.


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