Echobox X1 impressions review - Rudi0504

Thank you to Echobox for sending me the Finder X1 as a review unit

My first initial out the box impressions were very positive. I immediately noticed the clarity and detail.
I let it burn in for more than 100 hours prior to the writing of this review.

The Echobox X1 comes with three screw on filters.

Astell and Kern AK 240 ss.
Lotoo Paw Gold.

Echobox Finder X1.

With using these two high end Daps I lenjoyed listening to the Echo box Finder X1.
The Echobox Finder X1 does need proper Daps with power and speed to achieve their full potential. Yet they also pair down well with more lower end sources.

Very crisp and has very good micro detail.
It has good presentation and great rendering.

It is clear and has very good pronounce.

I like the bass reproduction from Echobox Finder X1.
It is good in detail and has fast and clean sounding Bass.

I can  easily hear the individual instruments placement.

Is wide and has a nice depth from so small driver.

Build quality:
Is very good, solid, strong and well manufactured.

The ergonomic:
It is like my ex home tweeter from B&W from UK.

Overall :
I like it the sound quality from my Echo box Finder X1 in terms:
Micro detail
Very clean
Very clear mids
Very good bass impact and very clean too.

I like to use the white Filter - it matches my music preference.

For users who like open and detail sounding IEMs the Echobox Finder X1 is  a great choice.

I like it very much, from such a small housing there is produced wonderful sound.
I can use it at night for sleeping, the fit is excellent.
For somebody who likes a warm and analog sound maybe the Echobox Finder X1 is too bright.

I choose two Daps Ak 240 ss and lotoo Paw Gold for pairing with the Finder X1, it was an excellent match.

The other entry level daps
Which can make very good sound Are:
XDuoo X2 and X3
Ak 100 mk 1 and mk2
Cowon Plenue D.


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