About us, what is head Pie?

We are non partisan and not related to any audio company.

We are simple hobbyists interested in headphones, amplifiers, daps and dacs.

Head Pie reserves the right to edit or delete any articles, interviews or photos on the Head pie site, whether written by Head Pie or written by contributors or interviewees.

Head Pie does not have advertising or solicit money for any of its interviews or reviews.
*We reserve the right to change this status in the future after careful consultation and research into accepted practices.

Head Pie reviews gear we own, trial and get given as review samples.

Review samples are generally given to Head Pie by the company and then kept by Head Pie as reference points for further reviews, or given away as promotion for Head Pie and the involved company via the site and Facebook or to some needy portable hifi person.
We don`t flip or resell items.

HeadPie: Simple audio hobbyists and enthusiasts with a dubious quality of hearing.


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