Kumitate Trio UIEM: Review and impressions by Ikari Rei.

Kumitate Trio UIEM
Review and impressions by Ikari Rei.

Better late then never to get myself one of these rare gems that eludes even the best of some collectors. With the right set up it exceeds even the much revered Orpheus to present an experience akin to that of a full stereo speaker system.

With that, I would like to share my little new toy, the Kumitate Trio UIEM, just in time for CNY.
Side note, synergy is the key to bringing out the best of the trio. Use the wrong components, and it will sound like an extremely bright, yet mundane iem. Strapping on the best toy u have will not work with the trio. This entire process of experimentation using different components, some of which currently out of production in the market, and filter settings within the player itself, has been nothing but most satisfying given the results at the end.

Pioneer XDP 100
Iem :
Kumitate Trio
Eleckit HP02

Sound Quality:
Rivals, and even exceeds the Orpheus on well mastered tracks. The sense of resolution and placement, the 3D surround feel of each and every instrument in an orchestra is spine tingling. Vocals shine, with every breath intimate and hair raising.

Open, with good details. Nice sparkle and extension.
Lush yet clean. Good presentation
The quality of a dynamic bass that a BA can never hope to achieve. The sterling silver lends itself well to minimise resonance.

Separation :
Very good
Soundstage :
I could have sworn that she was in a room and singing to me, and me alone with the bgm playing. Need I say more?

So far I am in love with this set up. The sheer resolution and joy has made my listening to other IEMs like my legend R, Fitear MH335, DITA now a somewhat dull experience. Or to be exact, I would only go back when I want a relaxed listening experience from a less resolving IEM.

Possible improvements:
Changing source to AK240 SS. A friend had suggested the 380, but the 380 lacks the resolution needed to bring out the best of the Trio, and the copper version only makes the situation worse with the change in grounding material.

Amp: may look at other amps in the future, the pico comes to mind. Thought of plugging in a mass Kobo, but the power is overkill for the iem. The ALO may work to bring out an interesting result, but its not my kind of sound so I havent tried using that yet. Remember, synergy is key.....
Wires: Not much. Designed by an enthusiast who i feel is almost a magician with wires, the interconnect is a custom made one off designed to maximise resolution, as opposed to off the shelf products which all have failed to impress me. Even mook's selection of products (wagnus, DHC and so on) paled in comparison.

I may look into using a 8 core wire of a specific brand, material and litz type, but that is for another day. Right now, I am extremely happy with this set up, which funnily enough performs at the level of an orpheus, yet costs less than the 380.

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  1. I miss this iem ,where I can get one ?
    which orpheus did you mean ?