Aurvana in ear 2 - Michael Natanael Soedarsono

I`m loving my new little friend : Aurvana in ear 2

Accesories : you get a little beautiful hardcase, it's small and humble but you can see the beauty and feel the strength.

Build n fit : the housing is made of metal..with plastic nozzle.. yep you can feel that the body ia definitely strong but you gotta be careful with the plastic nozzle and the slim cable, it fits reaalllllyyyy goooddd.. straight down or over ear.. they fits really great.. the fitting itself is on par with klipsch x11i
Bass : punchy.. definitely punchy but not deep, very pleasing all rounder bass
Mids : for me it's their weakness, it has emphasize on the low mid.. so female vocals sounds veiled, also the articulation and the detail of the mid is actually lacking clarity
Treble : natural enough with really smooth textures, damn! i could play any bad recording mp3 without any sibilance!!! really safe and non fatiguing but still natural
Separation and imaging : quiet good for the price but not really outstanding
Soundstage : it's a really small iem.. but it will shock you with its airy huge soundstage... it reminds me of flare r2s... huge soundstage in a small body
Overall : it's a warm, smooth, sibilance free sounding iem with great fitting.. it's an iem that you want to hear whenever you want to relax and just enjoy the music no matter the quality of the recording.. it's very forgiving... but it lacks the edge of the upper mid and treble to make it exciting enough for orchestra or rock musics.


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