On and about Head-fi.org

Head-fi. Well it had to be written eventually...didn`t it!? or did it?

head-fi, head pie - is it a homage or a mocking title?

Is this a click bait article where I reveal the inner workings of the largest audio and headphone forum on the internet, or discuss my many possible grievances?

Will writing a series of complaints or how I may or not have been offended , banned or otherwise make for compelling reading on the internet. And added hits for Head Pie?

Well, sorry to disappoint...

We at Head Pie love head-fi.

As like many of you it is the first site we visited to get information on audio gear, from a community that was by and by mostly very helpful and well informed.

I started off trying to improve my gaming set up and received accurate and helpful advice.
Then I thought about getting an improved portable set up to listen to music on the go, my last portable set up was a beaten up used cassette player and earphones of doubtful quality back in, well I won`t mention what year.

Suffice to say I was lost in this new world, perhaps around 2010 (I just checked my profile).
Only five years but it does seem longer with the various changes in audio gear I have owned in that time. And also the vast number of new products that have been released in those five years.

I ended up with Sennheiser MX760, 4th gen ipod nano, and an LOD connected to a Fiio E5.
I was set, my terrible mp3 tracks playing back at blistering levels, I was very happy.

And then of course one reads more, and wants more.

It has been a great journey. Friends made, familiar names on the forums, learning more about gear - although I am still little more than a hobbyist, improving my set up so now I have a wonderful rig, meeting up for mini meets in Tokyo, Tokyo headphone shows (as head fi Team Tokyo with T-shirts to match) and meeting people from Head-fi, a few Tokyo based moderators and of course on occasion Jude himself. but always briefly because well....theres gear to checked out.

So thanks to head-fi. My experiences have always been positive and I still post on there in the various threads which I am most interested. I created a blog as a creative outlet and it seemed like it was time.

Head Pie is an entity in itself amongst all the other sites starting with `head`, but my first home was head-fi and so I guess you could call the blog title a homage of sorts, a head nod to where it all started. But also because I had a pie and thought headphones looked liked head pies in a Dada or Dali-ish way.......and also as you can see by our many memes, I have a terrible sense of humor.

Thanks head-fi.

Kind regards
Head Pie.

*NOTE: I have never been banned from head-fi, had any grievances and don`t believe I have been offend...yet.  :)


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