The formidable Luxury and Precision L5pro -Ren Lazibal.

The formidable Luxury and Precision L5pro. 

Photos: Ren Lazibal.

Luxury & Precision L5pro short impression:

At first listen, you'll immediately be impressed by the L5pro's musicality. It has a very smooth detailed presentation. Instrumentation is articulated well with quick mid bass and transients. -(Dire Straits - Money for nothing).

 The L5pro has lush and enveloping mids that wraps you with pure musical joy. Vocals and

 instruments are well separated and staged. It sounds big with depth, height and width but

not as grand as a full size home rig.

Bass is quick, tight and with authority. Some may find it too tight or slightly elevated but it is

 well presented that you may not notice it. Bass hits with enough bloom and natural decay.

Treble is where the L5pro asserts it superiority. Top end frequencies are detailed and

layered well without any hint of sibilance with my Lear BD4.2 and recalibrated Lear W60. I

 can honestly say that the highs are ETHEREAL when listening to Almarro (Caught in the

middle -DSD) & Dire Straits (Your latest trick -wav 16/44).

-Ren Lazibal


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