Nano Gonzales - Liquid Carbon impressions

48hrs burn in SQ test

Setup 1 to 3 - using 1/4 plug
Setup 4 - using 4pin balance xlr

Test track
Alison Krauss - I Will (DSD)
Headphone : Audeze LCD 2.2 non Fazor
Cables used :
- Norne Solv X Audeze to MrSpeakers adapter
- VanDelHul D300 coax cable
- custom Mr Speakers Alphadog cables ( Canare )
- generic RCA
- generic power cable
Setup 1 : Ibasso DX90 (2.1.8 Lurker fw) connected to Liquid Carbon via 3.5mm copper interconnect.
Highs : definitely lacks resolution and extension ( this is based on me used to using dx90 + Hugo)
Mids / vocals : its ok. Has a little relaxed and has good body
Lows : Good weight
Setup 2 : Ibasso DX90 + Hugo via VanDelHul D300 coax.
Highs : More detail and extensions present
Mids / vocals : smoother mids, very good defined , very good attack and weight
Lows : Good extension, control and attack. Good weight
Setup 3 : Ibasso DX90 connected to Chord Hugo via VanDelHul D300 coax. Hugo connected to the Liquid Carbon via generic RCA.
Highs : retains the details of setup 2 but the extension is smoother...for this track setup 2 had a more sharper feel to it in the cymbals, this setup smoothens everything and makes it more pleasant to listen to...a more relaxed feeling
Mids / vocals : guitar plucks had more definition and weight compared to setup 2, vocals are better as well...really smooth and relaxed, drums have more definition and weight
Lows : almost the same as setup 2 slight increase in the weight
Setup 4 : same as set 3 except I used the balance xlr connection
I would say SQ wise is definitely the same as setup 3 with better imaging and focus for the instruments. 
Soundstage i think increased to a small degree

Nano Gonzales


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