Lightning cables comparisons.

Lightning cables available on the market.

I myself am interested in cables for use for portable DAC/Amp rigs like the Hifi-M8, Fostex hp_p1, Sony-PH1/2, Go-Dap, Verza, Cypher labs Theorum(has a different end) etc.
I myself use a Hifi-M8.

Build quality and different technical aspects and audio differences (real or imagined.

Pleas NOTE: Differing opinions may occur whether there are any differences in clarity or audio quality coming from various digital cables.

And with that, onto the cables.



Venturecraft 7N
Quite even.

Venturecraft original/black
More emphasis on low and high end.

Vmoda Tuono
More emphasis on the low end.



First up the Venture Craft angled lightning to USB-A cable.
This is a simple design of a USB cable with the official Apple lightning to mini USB adapter shrunk wrapped on, a kludge to be sure but effective none the less.


Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, R1.1.1.M2a

Venturecraft released an updated cleaner version as seen below later in the year 2013.

Next we have the V-Moda Tuono.
Pictured beside the Venturecraft for size comparison.

A nice compact cable with a solid build.

I used to use the: 
-V-Moda Tuono for commuting as it has a nice deep low end and present forward vocals.
-Venturecraft for home and cafe listening as it has slightly better imaging and instrument separation/placement.


Cables pictured with Centrance Hifi-M8 and ipod touch 5G.

Vmoda pictured below.

The earlier Venturecraft model below.

Now I only use the Venturecraft 7N lightning cable as to my ears it has the best sound overall.


*I originally posted this piece on head-fi.


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