Cozoy Aegis with un-needed CCK.....`cause science!

*Please note that the Cozoy Aegis can play up to 24/192 from your idevice...natively with no down sampling as usually occurs. We tried this unnecessary kludge stuff.


I tried it yesterday with no success, but Rudi0504 got it to work.

later on I used one of the cables that came with the Aegis to connect the CCK to the rig.

Success! (With ipod touch 5G and 6G).


Here are Rudi0504s findings.....

Long time since I had last heard my Aegis .
Tonight I  tried my Aegis with CCK lightning/USB original Apple Accessories and USB to Micro USB.
Source :
Iphone 6Plus
Dac / Amp :
Cozoy Aegis
Iem :
Dunu Titan 1
Music Player :
Cable :
Iphone 6 Plus use CCK lightnimg to female USB >>
Use Male USB to micro USB to Aegis >>> Dunu Titan 1
Sound Quality :
CCK + micro USB to Cozoy Aegis sounds fuller and has a wider sound stage.
I heard better separation and better clarity too.
Mid has better pronounce.
Bass has better detail .





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