Cozoy Aegis - A surprising performance in one so small

The Cozoy Aegis is a small dac/amp designed for android, OS and computers.

I had my doubts about the product after reading headfonias review of the earlier and cheaper Astrapi model. But, I was surprised for the first in a while.

The Aegis plays back on OS (iphone/touch) natively with hi-res files with no need for the CCK.

Yes, yes most of the other companies claim this also but their results are in fact over 95% of the time 16/44 or 16/48. Aegis does 24/96! 24/192! without.a.CCK.

I haven`t had enough time yet to write a full detailed review but my early impressions are positive. Size, easy to use, solid construction.

I did read some had problems with getting the right volume as it is rather powerful, but using Flacplayer app, Kaisertone and Relisten apps I had no difficulties there.

Thank you to Cozoy for sending me this wonderful little unit.

Full review to come.

Below ipod touch 6g 128GB, Flacplayer and Cozoy Aegis screenshots.

Below. Speaker out, no Cozoy Aegis. 24/96 becomes 16/48.

Below. ipod touch 6G 128GB and Cozoy Aegis.



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