Neutron Music Player! The recommended App for your IBasso by Whitigir

Having to collect Dx160, DX200Ti, DX200Ti, Dx220, Dx220Max, Dx300, and yet while trimming down the herds to financially moving forward in order to afford the forever evolving technologies, I have tested out different playback apps including the stock Mango, USB Audio Player Pro, Black player, Onkyo high-res…yet, each of them will offer a certain degree of altered sound signatures.  In the end I always circled back to Mango Player and then MangoOS.  But lately I stayed with AndroidOS more and more with the powerful and blazing fast UI on Dx300.  

I started to tinker and listening more with Android.  Then I turned around and install Neutron Player on other DAPS as well.  The finding is actually pretty surprising that once configured correctly, the sound quality is amazing!  I can not even believe that such a cheap app can offer such quality and yet transferable as many device as your Google play can sign into.

One of the first thing to tackle is the auto play feature when plug is detected.  You will want to disable it as soon as possible.  You do not want to blow your ears for some occasion that you may have had your volume maxed out.  So, go to Setting, scroll to Connection and Controls, you will want to disable by remove the highlight of all of them in Play if output attached 

Now the performances configurations.  First, you will want to have all of your SOC to be dedicated toward the processing of music as much as it can.  Go to Setting, then playback and Resampling , then pick audiophile quality press check to confirm changes, back to PlayBack and highlight 64-bits processing, Audio Hardware, Highlight Dithering, remove the high light on ultrasonic and subsonic filters  , then pick audio focus and follow source frequencies, Oversampling will be great if you options for the dithering as mentioned.  You can skip Oversampling if you prefer.  There are some devices that have limited frequencies restrictions, for example 220MAX is restricted to 384Khz max, above it and it is muted.  For this, you also need to limited the capped out frequencies by sliding the OS bar setting.  For Dx300 and 3Max, you can leave at 16X and Neutron adjust accordingly 

Now, the Dx300 has a special digital filter which is NOS.  It is an emulation but it is Non Over Sampling no the less.  It applies signs delta modulations but at the minimal and at 1X Oversampling , so in a sense it stays to the Nyquist theory of 44.1Khz.  To maximize this NOS features there are 2 ways.

A/ You utilize the interpolations from Neutron with Dithering on and 64 but processing and Dx300 digital audio at NOS.  This will bring you a hybrid of OS and NOS all together.  However, precisely putting it, you are OS from Neutron engines and not from Cirrus main DAC.  Go ahead and try it, while it isn’t as great on DX220Max and possibly due to the not so powerful SOC, the DX300 has some better benefits. 

B/ You stays NOS all the ways by disabling dithering and 64 but processing, then choosing NOS digital filters.  This way you are staying pure to the Redbook files without Neutron engines to tamper with it and the Cirrus staying to minimal processing.

My favorite setting here is dithering , 64 bits, and Oversampling by Neutron engines to get the maximize processing from Neutron and then Oversampled by using Dx300 and Dx220Max digital filters as well.  This mode will net in the most slams, dynamic, imagings, black background and vivid resolutions 

Enjoy your music !! And enjoy your Ibasso !!

Updates: Only DX300Max can Upsample to 768KHz, while other Ibasso are stuck at 384Khz firmware capped (200/220/2Max).  So use the OverSampling in Neutron Accordingly.  If you have 192 then only use 2X

Updates 2: Enable bit perfect by Setting >>> Profile >>> Bit Perfect.  Remember to long press the options to get to Inner options and highlight all of them

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  1. Thank you very much for your tips, I've started to use it on my DX300 and sounds great I've a question:is it possible to show the full name of the folders? Thank you again.

    1. Message whitigir on head-fi. He doesnt check on here so much. He will be able to answer your question


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