Some early impressions as I explore the Hidizs DH1000.

So lets discuss this beta model I have been sent by Hidizs.

I have done some minor testing and have it working with:
Shanling M3S
Opus#3. (Turn off both systems first, then on).
Fiio X7ii
Ipod touch 6G using flacplayer app by Dan Leehr (up to 16/44 with Venture craft 7N lightning cable).
Some luck with Echobox Explorer- needs more testing- UAPP.

No luck so far with DX200 or Opus#2 (not that they probably need it). It didnt work with Opus#1.

I dont have nor have heard the AP200.

The Hidizs DH1000 is stacked full of electronic goodies and looks excellent on paper.

It does sound great,
Around mid to upper mid fi levels.
Although getting some extra hours on the device might help.

I do need to test it against other devices. Daps and also dac/amps to find out where exactly it fits in. Whether its s true clean signal or colored by its source.
Volume matched against its rivals.

Whether filters and EQ operate,
Whether the daps volume is disabled on all devices etc.

Early days. But it is operational.

And the sound quality at my first look and listen is quite good.

Hidizs HP1000 DAC and HPA unboxing and brief impressions

*Review and more in depth impressions to follow in due course.

Hidsz has launched their Kickstarter campaign for the HP1000 Dac/amp in a follow up to the release of their AP200 dap.

Power button, balanced port and single ended port.

*Upside down photos, but you get the idea and can see the various ports etc.

Power charge (micro usb), micro usb port and iOS port.

I tested it successfully with the Shanling M3S as a source.
I thought the sound was very good with a variety of earphones, and it looks beautiful.
 I do need to do further testing with other daps.

General information from the Hidizs website:

`Equipped with a high-end ARM with two micro-USB ports; leverages unrivalled FPGA, dual ESS ESS9018K2M DACs and dual ESS ESS9601 high-quality amplifier chips in processing and embedding, DH1000 delivers excellent audio formats up to 24-Bit/192KHz. Perfectly compatible with iPhone, Android phones, iPad, PC, MAC, it will turn your all devices into the luxury stereo system.`

`Most other amplifiers use one DAC for both left and right channel. Hidizs DH1000 used two top-level ES9018K2M DACs for each channel to make sure the signals will not interference each other. 

Not only this, but we also designed two LPF and OPA module (Both integrated into the ES9601K AMP) for each left and right channel to ensures the best channel separation (120dB for both 2.5mm and 3.5mm headphone jacks) and SRN (122dB). It means DH1000 can provide you a clearer and purer sound than other amplifiers.`

`Dual ES9018K2M DACs for a silky smooth sound
Dual ES9601K high-quality decoder chips
Headphone impedance: 8 to 600Ω
Stainless steel/Aluminium alloy body
Elegant tempered glass cover
Support most high-resolution audio formats, at up to 192kHz/24Bit, DSD/64/128
Perfectly compatible with iPhone, Android phones, iPad, PC, MAC
Custom made crystal oscillators
3.5mm and 2,5mm headphone jacks
12 hours playing time
......and more!`

Thank you to Hidizs for sending the HP1000 for early impressions and testing

Simply divine