Last nights listening - Earmen Sparrow + iBasso IT04,
Campfire Audio Andromeda V3 (2019) and Hidizs AP80pro. DDhifi usbc/otg cable. Sparrow review coming soon...

Stock usb c cable was more thick sounding, ddhifi more natural.

In before....

More detailed information here:

Andy from Cayin offered a loan of the N6ii for a decent amount of time. It had traveled widely and passed through several hands in Japan by the time it reached me.

The box contained the dap n stuffs and three dac/amp modules.

I was excited to try out the N6ii after glowing reports from several sources - users and reviewers alike.

Twister6 - one of the most reputable no needless word salad, no cheap frills - just solid basic reviewing allowed me to add links to his reviews as he pretty much nails everything i was thinking and more.

Cayin N6ii (with initial release )stock A01 dac amp module review:
(You can now choose any module with purchase of a new n6ii).

T01 dac amp module:

E01 dac amp module:

E02 dac amp module:

My thoughts on the Cayin N6ii will be brief and mainly from a users point of view.

Size wise it was thankfully smaller than expected. Quite a comfortable size for hand and pocket.

Solidly. built, sturdy and with a decent case.

Twister6 covered the dac amp modules pretty well in his four written pieces. I found it hard to choose one.
The initial release stock amp was the A01 which was a safe bet. With its many outputs etc. (you can now choose which module when purchasing a new n6ii).
In the end i found myself more drawn to using the E02 dac amp module myself. Its a matter of what functions you need/want and also sonic preference. I also enjoyed the E01
Luckily you can buy the Cayin N6ii from the store with your choice of amp.

With its nice black background i found the N6ii a joy to use with IEMs and found myself pulled between the various usual dap favorites i have here at home - certainly the Cayin N6ii would be a dap i could easily be happy with if it was the only dap i had. It certainly didnt disappear quickly onto the shelf like other daps and IEMs that have come before it.

I am not a picky ui user and generally just play files from a Micro SD Card. For me i found it hassle free and was satisfied with the stock player.

If you have totl IEMs or headphones the Cayin N6ii is a worthwhile choice out of totl daps out there. 
It certainly didn't choke any of my IEMs, perhaps if you have entry level or mid fi earphones it might not be a fruitful exercise and you probably would not receive the sonic reward you were after. 

It is a resolving high performing device that when matched with other high level gear will deliver an experience of satisfaction. Whereupon one reaches that certain place where the gear disappears and one is lost in the music.

And thats how it should be.

For the visually inclined a series of photos can often answer the most basic and esoteric questions...