Introducing the second headphone from iBasso. The SR2.

iBasso SR1 review here:

Unboxing - whereupon many questions and wonderings might be answered via the eyes.

Specifications and a general overview and description.

A solid case for home storage or whilst traveling.

A start guide, warranty card and a set of ear pads with a larger perforation.

The stock pads i presume are the more dynamic and the extra included larger perforation pass more laidback and detailed like with the SR1 PR1 second release pads.

Specifications again from the manual.

Save your ears and hearing - a frequency chart for those so inclined.

Open the case to reveal the iBasso SR2 headphones and cable.

A nice lightweight yet solid and robust build.

The cable veers away from SR1 MMCX connectors for a twin 3.5mm plug that connects to the ear cups..

One can use the larger screw on plug for home systems or unscrew it for a 3.5mm plug.

An attractive piece of kit.

Finer details

Adjustable headband for fit and comfort.


A quick listen found it to be a resolving headphone with no real push towards the low or high end.
Fairly balanced towards reference/neutral but with a slight warmish body to it.
Excellent clarity.

But more listening is to be done.

iBasso SR1 review here: